Overclocking, Hyperthreading & Virtualisation

Alright, thanks for all the info. At 1.35v and 5.3 on p cores and 4.1 on e cores id be surprised if I could boot in to windows but il give it a try.

Any quick way to do a msfs stress test. Seems painful to constantly change settings and keep loading msfs again and again

In your 12900K BIOS, do you have hyperthreading enabled or disabled, and what about Virtualization Technology? is it enabled or disabled?

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Also HAGS? Game Mode? Resizable BAR?

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I think Hyper enables, virtualization disabled.
Hags on, game mode off, Resizable BAR on.


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wow, that’s surprising (keeping Hyper enabled).
so in review: we’ve got, Hyperthreading enabled, Virt. disabled (BIOS), then in Windows 10, I’ve got Hardware acceleration ON, Game Mode Off, and Resizable BAR on (XBOX resizable bar I’m assuming)?

It’s got to be a bad chip, where did you purchase that 12900K? Was it in the gold disc, unopened?