Overhead functions - offsets and controls working with which plane?

Hey Airmax514,
thanks for your reply and explaination.
I have FSUICP already cause I used it in FSX and want to use it also in FS2020, my “problem” now is, that I used it mostly for the PMDG Aircrafts, and PMDG had their own SDK file with already the correct number I had to set as “custom Mode” in FSUIPC, therefore I didn’t know how to use the offset.
I now understand, that FSUIPC gives the values and I have to program it into a SDK of FS2020 is that correct? I better learn how to code hahaha

Hi, I don’t use this option very much, so I could give uncorrect informations, but FSUIPC can be used directly while running MSFS, and configure every control, button, knob, switch, axis, etc to set a specific offset to a desired value. This is done from the FSUIPC menu, no need for coding, but is essential that FSUIPC can detect the change in the status of that switch. If it is a part of a custom module, and not as an USB device, probably in that case the only way to read it and change the corresponding offset is by some coding.

I too have a homecockpit but previously used SimVim from Xplane 11. Could you explain the process for troubleshooting and adding inputs for MSFS via MobiFlight? I understand the default but I want to know how to make my own Offsets and Event Id’s. Thanks!

This from Mobiflight on another post…
"Alright guys, our community (MobiFlight) has figured out how to look up the eventIDs. MobiFlight WASM Module now allows to manually add new eventIDs and provide them for the configuration.

The basic workflow is: Enable DevMode. Start Up the Flight, activate ModelBehavior Window, chose the interior.xml of your aircraft and then dig through the XML structure looking for (H:EVENT_NAME) entries.

It’s a bit tedious but it works fairly well."

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That’s wonderful. I’ll be doing some work on the C172 now!

So I got the events I’m looking for. Is there a page or could you explain how to write these so that Mobiflight can recognize them?

I use the Mobiflight module in conjunction with FSUIPC and its a simple matter of including the event in a file within the fsuipc.ini

It would be different if you are using it with Mobiflight. You are better off looking at the forums for each piece of software that uses the wasm module.

The module cannot, as far as I understand it, be used on its own.

Thanks! I’m just starting out with A320 set up (just trying to sort the light switches and APU) … spent last night connecting two wires together while selecting different events on mobiflight. Still can’t get the APU steps to work but will try again this evening. Your update gives me hope I can add other events too now!

@SStinger2k2 Yessir, I too am using Mobiflight and I apologize for taking so long to understand. Where is that FSUIPC.ini file? I have a file labeled MSFS Build 999 which consists of the current MobiFlight
Event ID’s. Should I just add the event name to the bottom of the list with a number? Could you provide a screenshot of the file path and what yours looks like? I’m just really trying to understand MobiFlight and where it pulls its data from. Thank you for all the help so far!

Sorry, I think you misunderstand me. I do not use Mobiflight. Only the mobiflight wasm module, which I use with FSUIPC7.

Is it possible to use the MobiFlight events in FSUIPC to assign those events to commercial devices such as GoFlight or TM MFD Cougars?

I am having difficulty and have zero experience with this type of “programming”!


I’m working on that too. But all I got so far is to get the green “Avail.” LED to light up when the APU Startup procedure is complete. There are other offsets, but as of now they don’t seem to work for the APU Master LED (or switch) and also not the APU Start LED (or switch). … At least I had no luck so far.