Overhead panel

i have a 22" monitor above my main sim monitor, is there any way i can put the overhead panel on a320 on it so i can use it for flying?

There are a number of the overhead components available for Air Manager.


Scroll down to “community instruments”.

Note, while they are community provided (for free) you still need to buy Air Manager to use.

You mean like we used to be able to do in FS9 and FSX … no they removed that un-needed feature, along with alot of others…

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Yep. As @skypilotYTS said you can use the A320 overhead in Air Manager for that but it will either be small on that size monitor or you will have to set it up to scroll.

Hello please can you tell me how did you align sky with different sizes monitor ?

Thats in FSX, you open the main window 3 times without 2d insturments, then you slide one left, one right, and keep the one in the middle. Now take the one on the right and stretch it and yaw it until you have a close to good view, and then do the same thing on the right monitor. Then start popping in you 2d panels and place them where you want.

The real pain was getting the monitor colors right with the 3 different monitors actually the center one is a 48" tv.

But you cant do that in this, so I just bought a 55" UHD tv, not even close but good enough I guess.

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Thanks i will try on FS20 with 55+75+55 inch TV

It wont work without addons, you’ll either have to use the span option for your video card and I heard that blurs the out of the side screens, or find an addon that will support this.

There is no way to do it in the current version of MSFS./