Overspeed with Flybywire A320

I am getting overspeed warning with the Flybywire aircraft when NOT in AI mode. I thought this bug would be fixed in the latest update, 061, but I guess not.

Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft as this is not a stock airliner.

Could you explain a bit further. If you get overspeed warnings, you seem to overspeed.

You can fix the overspeed warning by… slowing down…

Nope, I declare this solution as: too easy. :grin:

just downloaded FBW from content and it not only overspeeds but flys of the handle when i engage APP for final localizer is ok but glideslope goes mental

Did you do the procedures correctly?

even the AI co pilot cannot land it

AI Copilot shouldn’t be used, it’s programmed to help people learn and get used to flying. So it’s only taken small GA aircraft into account. The A320 has a lot of complex systems that the AI Copilot isn’t designed for. So don’t use it.

I would deeply recommend that you learn how to fly an A320 first. The more this plane gets to reality, the more you have to fly and configure it like a real pilot. Check out some Youtube tutorials. There are many out there, especially for the A32NX.

landed just fine before latest update 4

happens after updates but taken aback after loading from MS store after emptied community folder