Owners of GeForce 600/700/900 series cards, please chime in

Is there anything we can do to visually disable the cloud?
I really want to play in live weather and still experience the turbulence and wind.
I am OK without a visual cloud for a short while until Asobo pay attention to this issue.

That’s my big concern. Will I upgrade my GPU now, to see MS declare it obsolete in a year or two?

Yes, use the developer mode menu and go to Options and disable “Volumetric atmospheric effects”. This will also disable the haze though.

Unfortunately from the looks of it, it won’t just take a small while until Asobo fix this. They seem set that this is not a bug and the only way to solve it is to upgrade to a newer GPU.

Well, to me it seems the cloud flicker is a compatibility issue - is a compatibility issue a bug? Not sure.
Probably Asobo decided not to bother checking their updates compatibility with older GPU’s, to save work.

I am still of the opinion though that it is very bad practice to stealth nerf older GPU’s in this way.
Especially if these GPUs are listed as ok for “minimum system requirements”.

The argument that these specs change over time is totally valid in my eyes, BUT it has only been a little over 2 months since MSFS has been released. So it seems very inconsiderate to withdraw compatibility with some hardware after such a short time.

Edit - For those that agree, you can vote here:


Yes, Same issues here with flickering clouds, the rest of the sim is good.
Was excellent before the update last week.
GTX 770.

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Yes I’m using the 960m and having same issues. Can only fly in clear skies just waiting to do a new build once the new AMD chips n GPU’s are out to fully utilise this amazing sim.

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I know someday I plan on building a new gaming PC, but at this moment I am using an MSI gaming laptop and there is no way to change out the GPU on a laptop :sob:

I did the same experiment and for me it works without any problems on the integrated graphics card. so i guess that’s not a graphics card problem

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YES same issues here, Flickering weather, clear sky’s only.
GTX 770
was ok before the update.

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Did a flight without Volumetric Clouds and then decided to load the Geforce Experience to take some video. (Sorry for the rubbish quality but you get the idea!)

I have removed GeForce Experience, which of course has not made any difference to the cloud issue.
I would say more and more a bug contrary to MS Support!.
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Please vote Bring back Clouds previous to update 5.

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Currently we are at #39 of the whish-list voting topics, with slightly over 100 votes.

I think to get real attention we would probably need a little more than 350 votes.
(Then we would be in the top 10)

So whoever is affected by the clouds issue - or sympathetic to this topic, please smash that vote button!

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Around 180 votes and it would enter the Feedback Snapshot, which means that the developers would have to at least answer our concerns publicly.

I think it could gain more votes if the reasons for making that request were listed in the original post, making them immediately visible to anyone checking out the thread. @BlueAlbatros, could you do that?

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Have you thought about the possibility that it is a deliberate mistake with commercial/economic interests?Do you think MS has reached an agreement with the 2 graphics card manufacturers? It must be a coincidence that just when the new generations of graphics cards go on sale the simulator no longer wants the old ones… but curiously it works with one with fewer resources. Think!!!

Nah, no conspiracies here.

People see conspiracies where there aren’t. I’m not talking about any conspiracy, I’m talking business. Users would appreciate the detail that it is being done in this way to turn this simulator into the best simulator, ambitious with new technologies.That’s all I meant, looking to the future.

Just FYI - got new 1660 delivered yesterday, everything´s working fine (as expected)

I´m really hoping you guys get the attention. Is there any way how we can share this thread among forum to get some support from community?

Good to hear it’s working well for you. Should be a great upgrade!

Well since all of the relevant threads continue to receive posts and get bumped even one week after the patch, which means they’ve been read a lot, unfortunately I’m not sure if trying to promote them further would give us more support from the community. We are a very small minority, and besides if we tried to promote this further, I feel that most of the responses would just blame us for cheaping out on hardware even if we didn’t have any issues before the patch. I’ve been mocked for my system on other forums several times, and that was years ago even.

I’ll hold out some hope that Update #6 will bring a solution since it was hinted in just one support response, but if it doesn’t I’ll just give up and patiently wait until I can upgrade.


Hoping for you for the best @ChaoticSplendid :v:

Stay strong everyone!

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You’re suggesting that a software company like Microsoft would strike a deal with multiple hardware vendors, to intentionally make certain hardware obsolete to drive sales for those hardware vendors… this is a classic example of a conspiracy theory. Stop fooling yourself.