Owners of GeForce 600/700/900 series cards, please chime in

I was getting the issue both with 456.71 and 457.09, I actually updated to the new drivers later that day only to see if they would fix the issue.

I believe someone else said that rolling back to 452.06 did not help either.

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Rolling back drivers did not help me, so I reinstalled the latest.
No, the problem is with MSFS/ASOBO

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Sorry for my english

The strange thing i find is that there are so many games these days, and a graphics card last for says 3 maybe 4 years to keep up.

My 2x 780ti cards which 3 gb each and can run fluently this flightsim with taa slider at 120, some settings to ultra and to other sliders full 200, vsync at 60 before i start a flight the heaviest airport i use are Eham or Ksea, so i load with these settings than in dev mode i set the fps counter on and volumetrics off i make some scenery settings like building trees etc to high settings and some to medium, clouds to low, waves to whatever i feel like (depending on what i will do, “i love the wind effect on the plane and keep controlling it with rudder and ailerion as well as trim” also known as flying) photogrammetry off because i feel no need to fly over appocalliptic cities. So i do enjoy this sim but the clouds are eating frames always have since the beginning.
The thing is when after sometime of flying my cards both working in taskmanager. and on fps counter bottom gpu counter around 3800/2510 around 26fps. I will if getting near Eham get difference in the ground looks of the sim, but i turn vsync back to 20 save fps counter stalls at 10, then set back vsync to 60 and frame counter climbs back to 26. And also the gpu counter refresh. So i think from this that the cache has a very slow or no release.

All to all asobo has proven that they can manipulatie cards to enormous accelleration, and they have a very clever way of programming.

About these clouds i think that is has to do with the 3d11.dll or something, coz these older cards are not eqquiped for highly dynamic clouds, but we should be able to use them even if it would be in a very low setting.


I have the GF 750 board that makes me that inconvenience … impossible to use the simulator


I have the same problem with the flickering of the clouds, and what makes me angry the most is that I just bought the simulator 2 days ago, and it already has problems


Please check out the post I’m linking for more information regarding the issue you’re experiencing.

I do have the issue of cloud flickering with my HP All-in-one which has the GTX 950M. Clear skies, no problem, any type of weather, unplayable.

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Check out the post I’m linking right above your own post for more information on the matter. Unfortunately there’s not a lot you can do about this now other than upgrading to a newer system.

Zelfde probleem. Zeer irritant

Minimum is 770

770 is minimum

The GTX 770, GTX 780, GTX 780 Ti, GTX Titan and GTX Titan Black are getting the same issue as well. All of those meet or exceed the minimum.

The GTX 750 and GTX 750 Ti do not meet the minimum performance, but they have a newer architecture than the above GPUs that works better with more recent games.

I know about Kepler and Maxwell.

Nobody with less than a minimum card should be complaining or raising issues about anything

Have you tried the 2070 Super yet? I am talking to 2 people in a facebook group who both claim to have the cloud flickering on their systems now. First I have seen this on something that wasn’t Kepler or Maxwell based GPU. If you have the 2070 Super now, are you getting the flickering?

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Paging @OriginalGuGa who is the one with the RTX 2070 Super.

That’s quite interesting. Which GPU models do they have, and did this start with a simulator update or just randomly? Also can they take a look at this video and confirm that this is the exact same problem they are having?

They both have only said 2070 Super. One said it started a few weeks back, I don’t know if it was after an update yet. I asked your questions and posted the video link. I am waiting for their responses. I had posted another video of the problem, one of them liked the video, but didn’t acknoledge they were actually seeing the same. I advised them to submit a Zendesk report. I’ll add more if they respond to your questions.

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So one of my 2070 super contacts has confirmed he is not seeing this problem, he thought I was talking about cloud pixelation/dithering. I have yet to hear from the other person, but based on his comments in another part of the thread asking about reducing the “graininess” of the clouds, it doesn’t look like he is actually experiencing our issue either.

I see. The clouds appearing grainy and pixelated is also another issue since the new cloud rendering system with the patch and it doesn’t seem to be specific to any GPU. In fact this could be affecting everyone no matter their system, but not everyone has the same tolerance against artifacts like aliasing, shimmering and so on. It is unfortunate that Asobo will not be transparent regarding what was changed in that patch. Thank you for the reports though.


The grainy clouds have been there since launch. It’s just an artifact of the way they do the volumetric rendering. You don’t always notice it (depends on conditions, cloud type, lighting conditions etc etc), but it has been around for ages.

More like they’ve always been there, I recall thinking the issue was quite noticeable in the E3 2019 footage. While at launch it seemed to be less of a problem, I think that the patch definitely did something that made the issue look worse. While I can’t try the clouds for myself, I’m seeing some screenshots where the grain and pixelation looks truly terrible.

It might have to do with the new TAA. In a couple of recent flights I thought that the shadow denoising on the cockpits was not working as well compared to before, but I have pretty much given up on the simulator for now so I haven’t tested this thoroughly.