Owners of GeForce 600/700/900 series cards, please chime in

Please vote Bring back Clouds previous to update 5.

HI same problem since last update with my gtx760 4gb oc. I’ve tried installing old driver but nothing has been fixed. I’m not sure at all If there’s a problem with the last nvidia driver of October the end or a problem of the last update of MSFS. Hoping to be fixed.

The issue was introduced with the patch. It happens across several NVIDIA driver versions, so it’s a game issue, not a driver issue.

The developers have said that this is unlikely to be fixed since those cards are so old now, but if you’d like to help change their opinion, make sure to send a Zendesk report about this and to upvote the thread linked in the post above yours.

Paid for Flight Sim via the PC Xbox subscription and was fairly happy but sadly won’t now be continuing this due to this issue. Very glad I didn’t pay full price. In all my history of gaming I’ve never known a game so promising but so badly managed. Shame!


I paid for the game and thought about the deluxe version, but I won’t buy it

YES same issues here, Flickering weather, clear sky’s only.
GTX 770
was ok before the update.

I just received this one into my email, so :tada:?

Has anybody received the same?

Yes, MojoRisen55 received this message last Monday. However all the support responses suggesting that our GPUs are obsolete and that we should play with clouds turned off came after that one, so it’s good to see that it’s coming again. Maybe there is still hope left.

Personally I received the generic Zendesk ticket closure message last Monday, with no indication whether this would be solved or not. Did you get this message in response to a bug report ticket or your previous conversation with support?

I only received the automated Zendesk response after submitting my ticket.
But this is encouraging news to read, let’s hope a fix is in the works.

Yes, I sent them three follow ups with some questions, never heard from them until now.

So maybe they really put some thinking into this one and finally will be able to acknowledge that they´ve done the last patch very poorly for old GPU´s and fix their own mistake.

Fingers crossed for you guys!!

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Thank you, this is quite encouraging indeed. I’ll hold some reservation since it could simply be a difference in the support agent addressing the tickets, but if more people receive this message it could be an indication that they are really in the process of fixing this.

As a reminder, everyone please upvote this thread. It needs only 9 more votes to make it into the Feedback Snapshot, which means that even if they are still against fixing the issue, they will have to publicly address it.

That is very good news, Jaymz1097. Maybe the Votes are making a difference.

I just ordered an Nvidia 2070super - but I am not sure how well it will mix with my dated rig.

Anyways still very interested in this issue, since I think it sets an example of how Asobo deals with these kind of challenges…

Was that GPU on a good discount? Because at the same MSRP the RTX 3070 can deliver the same performance as the RTX 2080 Ti, and the RTX 3060 Ti next month for about $400 should perform similarly to the RTX 2080. Availability is an issue though, and with those flickering clouds it is very hard to wait on an upgrade, I just want to make sure you know that the RTX 2070 Super would become a poor choice soon.

In Germany, where I come from, all higher end GPUs are hard to get atm. So prices are high.

The card I was able to order is an INNO3D GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER Twin X2 OC.
This card is unpopular because it is supposed to be relatively loud - that is why it is still in stock.
Paid 450€ for it.

But as I said earlier, don’t even know if this card will perform well in my old rig.
Maybe would have to change power supply - Mine is 600W, which is less than the recommended 650W. Also do not know if the card will physically fit in my rig.

So maybe I will have to return the card since buying a completely new rig is out of the question for me currently.

Best solution to all of this still would be if we can actually get a fix from Asobo on the flickering clouds problem.

Some of us are discussing the CPU´s in this very thread CPU cores?
I´d be curious what your specs are, I´m able to run the 1660 OC just fine with pretty old Xeon. More details are in that thread, don´t want to go off topic within this thread.

Keep voting people!!

I hope that they fix this bug😁

AQ bit late… but I have a gtx 970 and have no issues

I see. Even if it’s not a great value at that price, it’s still a very good card that should keep you satisfied. If the return window is large, I would still keep an eye on new GPUs coming out soon. The RTX 3060 Ti will be using a cut-down GA106 die which means that, especially with the poor yields, availability should be better compared to the RTX 3070.

Yea, have to unload all those older GPUs somehow.

I received same message last week. Really hoping they do. Was considering FS2020 as a Christmas present, (gave them FSX years ago) trying to figure their system specs, but those seem meaningless now. 4core processor gonna be obselete next.