Owners of GeForce 600/700/900 series cards, please chime in

if it’s 4core without hyperthreading (so 4C/4T), it’s already obsolete.

Quotes from Windows Central:

Another big question regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox is whether or not the difficult port to gaming hardware dating back to 2013 would hold back the PC version’s glory, which is completely understandable. However, a recent virtual Q&A was quick to assuade these fears, stating that the teams’ efforts to realize their goal of bringing Microsoft Flight Simulator to Xbox consoles has actually aided the game on PC, helping them optimize more effectively for lower end PC hardware and open up the game to even more players.


However, the team’s contents allude to Microsoft Flight Simulator’s optimizations across hardware, meaning the game could scale from Xbox One / S, to One X, and finally to the Xbox Series X|S with increased performance and visual fidelity at each level.

So they can scale it to run on 3 series of Xbox, but can’t scale it to run on PCs that it originally ran on, or at least provide a version that will. If an update makes it quit running on your PC too bad, your SOL.
Go buy a new PC or an Xbox.

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Yeah, it is interesting to note that the original Xbox One is using the GCN 2.0 architecture which first appeared in 2013, and that its GPU performs very similarly to the GTX 750 which I have. And it is much worse in performance compared to GPUs like the GTX 770 or the GTX 780 Ti.

I think they are out of excuses at this point.

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As a heads-up, it has been reported that this issue has not been fixed with the update. Considering it is a major bug, and such bugs are usually fixed swiftly, unfortunately it seems even more likely that it is not in their plans to correct it eventually.

I would recommend updating your Zendesk reports regarding the new patch, and don’t forget to upvote this thread, which now has enough votes to appear in a future Feedback Snapshot but could always use as many as possible.

I can confirm that Update has NOT fixed this issue - I have updated my Zendesk report.

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Does anyone know if update # 6 fixed the flickering clouds issue, or will I have to buy PC. :frowning:
If so, they should update the minimum requirements because they lied about it.

No fix yet, but I’m assuming it’s still coming, because they have not told me anything else but to watch for it. They did say in dev updates that Xbox optimizations would help lower spec systems, right before clouds broke them. I would think they would have the courtesy to let myself and others know if they changed their minds. And not just sweep it under the carpet and hope it goes away.

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What gpu do you have and what did you set the clouds to. Maybe lack of vram.The cards having these issues are pretty dated.Probably does not support graphical features well the sim is taking advantage off.

What GPU do you have?

Then why did MS/Asobo spec them as acceptable? Clouds worked fine when game came out on all settings and through the first 4 patches. Some time during that period the head of Asobo stated that porting to the Xbox would help users with lower specced systems. (I heard it and Windows Central confirms it.)
Clouds and visibility are an integral part of making the software a simulator. I have read many posts saying the clouds are worse and I can’t recall any saying they are better. All that users of this thread are asking is to make the clouds work as they previously had. Put in a setting for the legacy cards that they specced.
Without knowing which GPU you have that works fine, I fail to see the relevancy of your post. You are not telling us anything we did not already know.
To date MS/Asobo have not revised the specs therefore one can only assume that they are working on some type of resolution.

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Confirmed. I have a GeForce GTX 780M…sim worked fine until patch #5. I recorded a video and posted on Youtube for answers.

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Add your VOTE so this issue can be addressed by MSFS/ASOBO
Bring back Clouds previous to update 5

It does not have to do with VRAM. Integrated Intel GPUs from the same period that need to use shared VRAM are not exhibiting the flickering clouds.

FYI I dropped them a message within the thread I have opened on Zendesk.
Edit: I asked them when the fix is going to be released as it doesn´t seem to be included in the latest #6 patch.

Here´s an update from them

Keep on voting people!!

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I’d argue that being unable to use weather is a lot more than a cosmetic bug, but it appears that some progress is being made. Thank you for the heads-up. The relevant Wishlist thread should appear in the Feedback Snapshot either this or next week, which should give more visibility to the issue.

Everyone, keep sending Zendesk reports and remember to upvote this thread if you haven’t already!

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Microsoft and Asobo dont like to be angrily called out, I see. Too bad…

Such potential…

Did they just throw this issue under the rug? 224 votes but not a mention in the latest development update.

Voter fraud?

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And the developer of the year prize goes to… asobo!!!
After figuring out how to fix bugs the most efficient way>>>>>>>just call it a feature!!!
How ingenius