P-51 Man O' War Nav (1&2) tuning box shows '9' as last digit in place of '0'

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No, but this shouldn’t be affected by them.

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P-51 Man O’ War

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Latest version in SU15 beta

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Nav tuning in the P-51 Man O’ War shows ‘9’ as the last digit instead of ‘0’ when tuining frequencies. This makes it confusing while scrolling through the dial. For example, tuning 117.90 will show as 117.99 (117.90 will still be correctly sensed by the aircraft’s HSI). It actually shows a zero before you start tuning as well, but tuning will cause the 9 to appear.

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Spin the decimal frequency knob for Nav 1 or Nav 2. Observe number display.

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Not relevant

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May have always been ocuring since plane was released, never noticed it.

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