P51 Manowar tailwheel unlock

Anyone any idea how to unlock the tailwheel on the p51. Realistically it would lock when pulling the stick full aft. To unlock leave stick in the middle and steer with the rudder pedals, but this does not work.

Anyone that can help?

Stick forward?

no way XD I’m testing this right now

Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 2.16.04 PM

Just tested, and not working on the manowar p51.

  • the p51 is extremely hard to land, it keeps baloning, even without flaps…

Are you also using differential braking to aid the turns?
For landing perhaps it is more a case of controlling your decent and fly to the ground, I.e. minimal to no flare… been a while since I flew the 51 in any sim.

The flight model is strange. The approach speed of real P-51D is about 120 mph, and touchdown speed is about 95 mph. But, in MSFS P-51D Lady-B, the approach speed needs to be over 140 mph and touch down speed need to be about 100 or 110 mph to avoid bounce. I think Asobo need to adjust the flight model a little bit.

it works ok if use different brakes, but this is not very good for users who doesn’t use pedals, and use instead twist, or pedals without toe brakes, is was very intuitive implementation before for another models - brakes for both wheels button with asymmetrical rudder give same side asymmetrical toe brake, i create very similar post, will not against if moderators del my thread before i’ll found it lol

I use differential braking to turn, but not very realistic imo

Not very realistic in what respect? Do you mean because it is needed or the way it is simulated in MSFS?

I’ve never had the chance to fly a real Mustang of course, but I can see the logical/physical need for the differential toe brakes to be applied even if to initially induce a tighter turn. I would have thought the castor design of the tail wheel would mostly result in an aircraft naturally returning to forward motion without the another influence, e.g. left or right toe brake slightly applied or to a lesser extent airflow over the rudder when deflected.

it’s not realistic if use button, if use normal rudder pedals with toe brakes sure is realistic, but as i said before, not everyone use pedals or pedals with brakes, so in fsx, p3d, and msfs for other models exist compromise when you push brake bind + rudder without toe brakes it simulated different brakes and works like should with aircraft, that have free steering tail or nose wheel, in msfs mustangs it’s works as well, but works not correct, that’s why you need to use different brakes with pedals or mapped triggers for those mustangs, for me twist is too intuitive and convenient for change it to rudder pedals(400$ btw, another have plastic and can be broken in any time) is may be not big money, as you don’t buy rudder every day, you get it and it works infinity infinity divide 400$=>0$, but for me is just not convenient, as my x65f what ideal for me, and i think right implementation as it does for other simulators/models before, would be good enough, just correct different brakes use when push brake trigger button on joystick+twist, that way used to by hundreds models before include a2a mustangs, if somebody can say a2a create not realistic models, he or she have no idea about the company, or just need very good psychiatrist, because usual doctor will not help
p.s. btw, as i remember almost all models in simulator right now use rudder like toe brakes at slow speed/low power for taxi to the parking or take off, and as rudder without brakes in all other way, so actually in best implementation you have not need even use collective brake button for taxi, and that’s i think optimal, in any way it have to be optional as was, for example, in realair models, like legacy or barons, as i remember, i don’t remember for sure, as long time doesn’t flew a2a as p3d in general, but as i mind it, their mustang don’t need to use any brakes triggers for rolling on the ground at low speed/taxi engine power, milviz corsair and porter don’t need any brakes for ground rolling for sure, flyingiron birds too, so, for me even use brake+twist instead just twist for rolling is overkill, but i can understand another way, i can understand even current mustangs implementation, but i think is just super overkill, any way i sure 99% guys, who use pedals for flight simulators have not any problems with taxi any mustangs in fsx/p3d/dcs or msfs

Do you mean this Man o war? I just saw it yesterday at the Palm Springs Air museum in California :sunglasses:


Did you tell them their tailwheel lock doesn’t work XD

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