PA-28 Just Flight - how to defrost windows?

Can the windows be warmed when they become ice-covered?
Can it be done by using the Heater lever and turning on the Fan (HI)?
I did not succeed.
Is it simulated in the PA-28?

No, at least not enough to do much good. Defrost does not de-ice the outside of the windshield. It is really meant to keep the inside of the windows from fogging up if descending from a colder temperature at cruse altitude into a humid environment. None of the PA-28s are approved for flight in icing conditions. If the windshield could be de-iced with the defrost system, the airplane would probably fall out of the sky before the windows clear up enough to even see out of them.

The air from the fan comes from a fresh air duct which is an opening above the base of the tail. From there it goes to a fresh air blower (the fan) and blows out from the vents above the occupants heads.

Best practice - check the OAT gauge before entering clouds or visible moisture. If it is below 32F (0C), descend to warmer air or turn around and stay in clear air.


I suspect the JustFlight folks would tell you (and I’d agree with them);

This aircraft isn’t certified for flight into icing conditions.

The real world plane has no de-ice features. So, it’s working exactly as it should.

Could you use cabin heat to free ice off the windows? Never tried in real world. In real world you don’t fly a PA28 on those days. I’m sure someone has accidentally done this… But it wasn’t me, so I can’t speak to the solutions.


That plane does not have de-ice other then pitot. As the manual states in icing conditions find the nearest airport and land immediately.

If you go into control settings (such as keyboard for example) you can set a key/button to turn on window/structure defrost, etc. It’s a cheating type of way but it works for all aircraft.