PA 28 Just Flight in Market place

Hi, I want to know where I can get the manual for the PA 28 that I bought in Market Place.
On the Just Flight support page I can’t get it.

Thanks, in advance.


I don’t have this aircraft, but did you check down the marketplace local install path for aircraft to see if there is a documents directory?

BragRaindrop933 thanks for your answer. That place is empty.

I just tried this on my laptop and found some docs for Carenado planes I have bought and I now have docs for! Maybe give this a try-

Go to:


Here should contain all your 3rd party planes if installed by the Marketplace inside FS.
In Windows File Explorer I navigated to this directory and did a search in the file manager for ‘doc’. You could search for ‘.pdf’ instead.

I then found manuals at -


Presumably if you installed via download outside of marketplace then the path would be similar but be ‘Community’ instead of ‘Official\OneStore’.

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Thanks again. The onestore folder is empty. And that is because I have the msfs installation divided in two disks. So, I found it in the other disk, in the\ folder > E:\Packages\Official\OneStore\justflight-aircraft-pa28-arrow-bundle\Documents\

Thanks for your help


Great :+1:. Thank you too as it made me go look and I found my Carenada docs. I hadn’t looked for them before today.