PA-28R Arrow III from Just Flight

It is not real world. Real world it’s MUCH easier to maintain altitude and direction. Some of the difference is due the way controllers work, and the lack of forces to the user, so the inability to anticipate changes, or judge how hard or how far to move to correct. But it does seem like, the Warrior in my case, is too directionally unstable. I tried making an IFR approach the other night, and wow, the plane was all over the place and impossible to maintain on track.

I miss the days when planes “flew like they are on rails” haha… I always “loved” that description from sim pilots.

Yeah, the twitchy yaw was introduced with one of the recent updates. Same with the Warrior 2. It’s not just when you are configured for landing. The yaw twitchiness is present through all stages of flight.

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The only time I’ve noticed it is on takeoff roll, near rotation speed. Trimming pretty much eliminates this.

Trimming does not help once it starts or if there are cross-winds. In fact, elevator trim is what I was attempting to use to control it. Normally, under stressless flight, trim works great. But when the plane starts to go unstable, it just flops between +2000fpm and -2000fpm no matter how gentle you are in changes.

In fact, the only way I was able to get the feedback loop to stop was to implement massive control changes that I would never attempt in a real plane. It was super frustrating. Granted, I was in full IMC, which made it more difficult.

The “on rails” comment is amusing, isn’t it? Unless you’re getting bounced around by thermals or wind (or both) every aircraft I’ve ever flown is pretty stable, especially at cruise. A well flown pattern should also be smooth and controlled, even if you’re bouncing around a bit on a hot day close to the ground.


SU5 introduced the ability to mimic adverse yaw. This is probably where the lack of stability on the approach has come from - it’s a very blunt implementation of it, and with the inability to adjust for speed (the sim ‘takes care of it for you’) it can only be seen as a starting point. As a developer, we have very little control over it, certainly less than in FSX!

Smoothness of the rudder appears also to be an issue, as the ability to fly a coordinated turn is nowhere near as easy in this sim as in real life.

Adverse yaw was one of the most-requested flight dynamic improvements, yet it appears little thought has been given to correct implementation or other aspects of the flight dynamics which are tied in with it.


Ah, I was referring to take off specifically. I set the trim while I hold short, and since I started doing that I have not had that lurching take off a single time, even in strong crosswind conditions.

I’ve definitely never seen the scenarios you are describing, with the one exception being high winds over mountainous terrain. I was trimmed for level flight, so when I experience these large drops, and rises there’s no point trimming. Just use the yoke to cancel those out. When you get out the other side you are still trimmed.


I could not for the life of me get the plane to stabilize at the speed I wanted, or keep it from zooming up and down. Granted I was in complete IMC conditions, but, technically, I should have been able to just set my engine at the right speed, drop the flaps at the correct moments, but I just could not get the plane where I wanted. It’s not like I was in mountainous terrain or anything pretty flat on approach to KBED Rwy11.

I was finally able to get it to settle down about 350 ft altitude as I approached the threshold, but, it was a rough approach coming in from LOBBY out of KASH.

The flight from KASH was fine.

Thanks @GrimPhoenix9349 and @Jigsaw407 for the confirmation and explanation on the yaw issue. Since it’s not just me, I’ll get something figured out. Thanks again, everyone!

In terms of ‘getting something figured out’, I’d suggest going into the flight_model.cfg and look for two lines - aileron drag up / down. Put a semi-colon ( ; ) in front of them which should turn them off. Save, restart the sim and see if that helps.

I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.

The rudder input can be frustrating. I had a curve dialed in that helped, but SU5 broke that. Combined with the traction/friction issue(s) it can make crosswind takeoffs and landings… er… “challenging.” Not even close to how it “feels” in the real world.

The PA28s handle about the best of any model I fly though, so kudos to the development team at Just Flight for making things better at least.


Hi, I’m considering buying the Arrow III. I’ve seen that the price in the ingame store is much lower than at Just Flight’s own store. Is there any disadvantage in buying from ingame store (like missing manuals or liveries) or is it the same package?

A few:

  1. We have recently seen extreme delays in getting updates published for download. Staffing issues seemed to be driving this, and this situation has been addressed already, or in the process of being addressed.
  2. All Marketplace content is protected by DRM. That means, in the case of aircraft, crucial files needed by modders to improve the plane are hidden away, and can not be seen or touched.

For me, both of these are reasons not to buy planes from the Marketplace, even if it does cost me a little more. Though I have no issue with airport purchases, but I have heard that some have not worked for a while as they too needed updating. Nothing I own, fortunately.


There is also the issue with the Marketplace that they don’t track or give you a receipt for what you purchased, so, if you end up with any DRM issues, it can be a pain at best to get it fixed, sometimes they won’t give you access back to your purchase and they just give you the “Game Credits” back, if you can prove that you actually had an issue.

This lack of a receipt for what you purchase is a MAJOR issue to me, and ridiculous.


Thanks for pointing out these issues, I’ll stick with Just Flight’s store.


Just Flight is extremely responsive to DRM issues.

Since you’re considering buying the normally aspirated Arrow III, the JustFlight store has another advantage: you’ll get a coupon to get the Turbo Arrow package for a quite low price afterwards.

So if you enjoy the regular Arrow III and keen on some variation, this will certainly be a bonus and might be cheaper for you than the Marketplace option in the long run (the coupon isn’t time-limited).

In terms of liveries and manuals, I think you can have/use them with the Marketplace purchase as well. The manuals are free to download in the JustFlight support pages anyway.
Currently there seems to be no need for real mods (modifying the flight model etc.), so that’s not a big issue. In the early days, I was really happy to be able to tweak it since it had many smaller bugs and bad lights etc.

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Great, I’ll remember that! But first I’ll be busy getting familiar with the normal Arrow. Unfortunately I don’t have that much time for simming as I would like to. :man_shrugging:


Are you sure it’s not the carenado one in the store? Wasn’t aware the JF one had made it to the ingame store yet