PA-28R Arrow III from Just Flight

looks great and will be released shortly, excited to hear some thoughts and first impressions = who’s getting it or even who has already tested it?


seriously, do you feel ‘arcade’ is a fair representation?

please expand, you might save a bit of heartbreak for those who expect some aspects of realism

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latest update from the dev for those who dont have a facebook burner account - should be 10th

Just Flight

Folks, we’re not going to have the Arrow ready for release today. Having learnt that the next Sim Update is coming out this afternoon we fell it’s wise to to spend just a bit of time time checking all remains in tact with our Arrow and that it’s not going to cause any major issues and upsets. We know so many of you were eagerly awaiting the release and we so wanted to release for you today but for the sake of one more day this has to be the best course of action.

Rest assured, we will be releasing tomorrow all being well. Thanks again for your patience.…/pa-28r-arrow-iii-microsoft…


How do you know? It’s not out yet


I am also interested to hear more, the manual and dev updates certainly didnt give the impression im excited for an ‘arcade’ aircraft

Just a typical troll. He said it was his opinion, so you can ignore it like 99.9999% of the people in internet do.


Have you tried it already?

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Note he compares to X-Plane, not real life. So take it with a grain of salt. The grass is always greener in the ‘other’ sim…

There are some real pilots that have talked about the model on youtube and they seem to think it is excellent. There was a sim bug mentioned but he didn’t think it was that bigger deal. One bug does not invalidate a whole aircrafts flight modeling. It isn’t like X-Plane has never had bugs or bad modeling!


By all accounts it is pretty good if you fly it like a real one. If your trying to do an Immelmann in a non aerobatic plane it’s anyone’s guess how the FM will handle it as it is unlikely much effort was put into that part of the model.

One criticism on other forums is the visual part of icing is not modelled (accord to the devs they left it out as the default icing was just too bad and they will eventually do their own) but again this is an aircraft that is not certified to fly in icing conditions.

There’s a few preview youtubes out there and they all say stellar. Looks even better than the XP11 version, which I have flown tons.

I just tried landing the Carenado Arrow and when I deployed 5 degrees of flap the plane started doing cartwheels mid air. Hahaha

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That’s a known issue introduced by today’s update. Carenado knows and are working on a patch. This is a thread for JustFlight.

I have tested it and have flown it about 15 hours in FS2020 in the last week. I’ve flown Arrow IIs and Turbo Arrow IVs in real life and I do like the Arrow III by Just Flight. I think it is representative of the airplane and its systems. The circuit breakers work, it has auto gear extension just like real Arrows if flown too slow, the gear whistles when down, and much more. Everyone needs to do their own research but from what I’ve seen compared to the real Arrows I’ve flown and other airplanes in FS2020 I am very pleased with it.

Here is the preview video I made: Just Flight Piper Arrow III PREVIEW - YouTube


Haven’t tried it yet. Will do tonight. Had a busy few days.

I gotta say I hate the icing affect in MSFS. It really needs to be revamped. I’m glad they left it out.

Right now, that would be an arcade effect :wink:


Disregard. My controls reset themselves mid flight. All is fine again.

The icing effect is horrible. I’ve never seen real aircraft form ice in the locations it does in FS2020 unless an airplane is parked on the ground and hit with freezing rain for a night.


The aircraft developer chooses where the icing mask gets applied to the textures. All the dev has to do is choose more realistic locations…

Now out gents, looking forward to hearing some first impressions!

Cross-posting this from the other JF Piper Arrow thread:

Really amazing aircraft, generally happy with the purchase.

Few issues with VR though (Quest 2), not sure if its related only to this A/C or all 3rd party ones:

  • VR Cockpit Focus (zoom) button doesn’t work.
  • Engine spatial audio seems to be not working correctly. When I turn my head to the left, I only hear the sound of the engine from my right ear. And vice versa. The option ‘Active Windows Spatial Sound’ in MSFS Audio menu is toggled off and default A/Cs work just fine in this regard.
  • Default camera position too far from the panel (not a big issue though, since we can tweak the VR camera depth easily in MSFS).
  • Mouse cursor out of focus. I believe this is a common issue for all 3rd party aircrafts.
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