PA-32R Set-up

I got a new computer setup recently and was thinking of upgrading to FS23 from FSX. In my current setup, I run a PA-32R add-on that works great. Will that work in FS2x? I can’t find much info on it.

I’d like to make the instrument panel match my aircraft panel, for better IFR practice. Our plane is equipped with twin 430s, twin G5s (Attitude Indicator and HSI), and a Garmin 300 autopilot. In the FSX iteration, I was stuck with steam instruments, the stock AP, and a Bendix GPS. Does FS2x support the 430, G5, and 300 AP?

All help is greatly appreciated

You’d have to convert the PA-32 yourself, not an easy task if you’re not conversant in the sim coding. No one’s offering a full MSFS compatible PA-32 either.

As for instruments stacks, there is no 300 AP, only variants of the 140 and 150. Specific instrument stacks aren’t really a customization option, you get what you get from the plane maker - some offer a mix of instruments, but mostly on the glass side - i.e., 750 vice 430/530.

Thank you,
Just based on my searches on the internet and in the forum, I wasn’t very hopeful. I was really hoping to find a bunch of plug and play stuff, I guess folks really aren’t trying to do what I was hoping to do very much.