PA44 Carenado


I love this plane. Took it for a 2 hour test drive this afternoon and man :heart_eyes:


Look! Someone installed miles and miles of street lights out there. (Sorry, couldn’t resist) :smile:

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Yup, it’s a nice aircraft :wink: but will file a Zendesk report at Carenado with some small issues.

Curious which ones you found?

  • It’ seems at default external view and you pan around 360° or zoom out the small beacon light goes missing.
  • recog lights are very dim during daylight compared to the landing lights. @nighttime it’s ok.
  • switch night dim / day doesn’t work not a big issue…at the moment
  • I’m not sure but I don’t feel much drag with full flaps…

Haven’t noticed point 1, will take a look as well. However I noticed you either have red Beacon or strobes, no both
.2 is normal I think, you can compare them as a combination taxi/turn lights
.3 yep seen that one
.4 flaps 1 is not a lot, put in flaps 2 and it starts dragging a lot I noticed!

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.4 Yea I will test some more with the flaps…Can’t tell for sure because i’m not a PA44 pilot :man_shrugging:

Yea I also did noticed the strobe / beacon switch, made a topic about it in aircraft section.
I thought if you select strobes you also have a working beacon.

Me neither unfortunately. So far only real experience I have is 2 hours behind the yoke of a C152. Hoping to hear something from a real PA44 pilot about the flight model soon!


I flew a couple of approaches last night. I loved it. Only issue I noticed is that activating one alternator puts a load on both, Like there are simply 2 switches for a single alternator. Also not RPM drop with single mag or carb heat application.

Minor issues that I am sure will get fixed. Nice plane though.

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Surely, if its a Carenado Addon, you need to take any BUG issues up with the Carenado “Tech Support - Help desk”

ZenDesk ====> Asobo is not going to help. ASOBO is not the one to fix a Carenado Addon

(although Carenado might reach out “internally” to Asobo for help if the need it – or more realistically, if the “choose” to fix any issues)

Here’s a post I saw in another thread from a Seminole instructor:

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OK… Great – someone that seem to know their stuff :slight_smile:

Question: Is it using the Asobo KAP140 AP, or a Carenado designed one, and if so, does it “turn on” correctly.

More specifically, if you are in a stable VS of 500ft/min climb, and you turn on the AP, does the plane keep climbing at VS 500 ft / min, or “JERK” down to 0 ft/min **

** or what ever the last VS was set for when the AP was last ON

I only used the autopilot briefly. It held altitude just fine, and the VS mode worked smooth for me.

I can add this. Stalls are a lot of fun. Be ready for a moderately aggressive wing drop, just like the real world.

OMG … really … that’s just too tempting … here goes more cash into the MSFS money pit !!!

I’d be interested once those bugs are ironed out a bit too. Many hours instructing Chinese kids on the PA44!

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