PA44 Issues with Reinstalling from Marketplace

So I was having some issues where the cockpit was just freezing, non of the internal displays would respond at all (but the throttle still worked from the outside etc) Pilot heat was on.

So I decided to try and reinstall.

I uninstalled from the market place, rebooted the sim, when I went back to the market place it said it was still installed and to go to my content manger, I did that.

But this time when I tried to uninstall it, it said (uninstall 0kb) and will not actually remove it from my content so I can re download it.

please help!

I’ve had this issue before. Exit MSFS, go into your MSFS installation folder and remove the carenado pa44 aircraft folder manually and then restart MSFS and re-download the addon again

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I have the exact same issue. Thanks for the info.


How do I find the MSFS Installation folder, i got the exact same issue as described above with the PA44 Seminole, i got the A/C from the market place my MSFS deluxe version was from MS Store.

BR Charlie

I bought MSFS 2020 from the Windows Store and this is where the PA44 installation folder is located:

Thank you I found the folder it was in my official - one store file/s I deleted and as you said was able to re- download the aircraft in content manager to latest update all OK now and works fine

Kind Regards
Charlie (U.K.)

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