PACX issues with PMDG 737

I bought PACX quite some time ago and I love it. I only fly commercial aircraft and have really enjoyed the detail it adds to my flights. I have used it with the 747(generic and Salty mod), 787(generic and Heavy Division mod), A320 and all of the CRJ models made by Aerosoft. I have used thier generic music and safety briefings as well as custom music and safety briefings that I have downloaded and I haven’t had any issues.

I purchased PMDG’s 737 when they released it and it has been amazing to fly, however PACX regularly stops functioning with it. Boarding music can be heard but you can’t hear any of the announcements and the cabin crew won’t serve snacks/meals, so the passenger comfort drops, even after I check the box in the setup asking about meal service. I also can’t make any announcements like I have in the past when flying different aircraft.

I have emailed TFDI and submitted a ticket, and that didn’t change anything. Has anyone else had similar issues, and if so-did you find a work around?


One thing that I know is that PACX can’t detect the seatbelts event from PMDG aircraft. Meaning that even though you flip the seatbelts off in the cockpit, PACX can’t read the seatbelts state. So either your PACX will be flying completely with the seatbelts off (which will give you unsafe takeoff notice at the end of the flight), or the entire flight is flown with the seatbelts on, (which will prevent any meal/snacks services to be given).

My solution to fly the PMDG is to set the seatbelt assist to FULL, that way, I don’t have to think about it and just fly the boeing as usual.

That makes sense, I’ll update the settings on pacx and give it a shot. I appreciate the info.

Thank you! My PACX passengers have rated all my takeoffs and landings in the PMDG 737 unsafe. Was starting to think I was the worst pilot in the history of simming. :smile: I use PACX mostly for the ambience but it´s hard to ignore all the harsh ratings.

I felt the same way, I’m looking forward to my next flight with these updated settings.