PACX or Self Loading Cargo

Hello everyone,

I wanted to see if anyone has used both PACX and Self Loading Cargo and if they had an idea of which one is better?

I currently use PACX and I have no issues however it can get pretty redundant especially with the voices not changing if at all. The features are pretty simple but can feel a bit basic for $29. I watched a video of SLC and I was pretty impressed with how realistic it was, the only concern was that I saw people commenting how it’s a bit too much and can even take away from the experience of just being the pilot.

I’ll be honest if PACX had the features SLC I would definitely keep this program, but SLC seems like a lot to fly with and kind of a distraction at times.

Anyone use both programs? Long term how is it? I was also aware of the long awaited updates for SLC but I now see it is regularly updated.


Neither… go for passenger2. I changed from pacx to passenger2 and it is way better. Slc was just updated I see, so don’t know the current state. I had my doubts on passenger2 in the beginning but they are working hard on it on it is showing now.

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That’s why I use Passenger2. SLC is packed with tons of features but after some time I stopped using it because it was just too “busy” for me (plus it took some of my precious frames).

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Can’t comment on SLC (don’t have it) but I do have PACX which hasn’t seen an update since I bought it at least a year ago and which I would now say is pretty much abandonware. It wasn’t cheap either and it is a regretted purchase which I only used about 4 or 5 times. It seemed pretty limited in what it offered too and this together with the lack of updates is why I bought Passenger 2 and which imo already does a lot more than PACX.

The Passenger 2 devs are also enthusiastic, very active, listen to suggestions and are very keen to improve their product. I don’t regret this purchase and can’t wait to see how this progresses as time goes on. On my PC system Passenger 2 has very little effect on fps too.

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I have used both but I stopped using PacX almost a year ago. I found PacX to be very repetitive and as others have said, the addon has not received any update in 2 years. SLC on the other hand is still in pre-release but has received numerous updates since it was first introduced. I found the scoring system much more extensive than in PacX, and there is a much more active community sharing voicepacks and soundpacks. SLC also plays very well and is well integrated with GSX. I also like the fact that you can use SLC either interactively by communicating with ground and crew, or passively by just enabling PA announcements and audio during flights. Lastly, I use SLC mostly when flying the PMDG 737 and I haven’t experienced any performance issue. I don’t know much about Passenger2, but the added management features are not of interest to me.

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