Pagosa Springs Stevens Field - KPSO

Welcome to Southwestern Colorado! Coming soon to MSFS is my first airport project Pagosa Springs Stevens Field (KPSO). I have been working on this project for quite some time and it is finally in a finished state for release! Stevens Field is a GA airport located in Pagosa Springs, CO and is not far from the highly detailed Telluride Airport in MSFS. Some great mountain flying can be enjoyed flying between these airfields!

Stevens Field features fully custom 3D buildings with PBR textures. Everything has been modeled after personal site visits and photos that I took on the airport grounds. The airport layout was updated to be current and the airport has it’s own local elevation model taken from hi-res LIDAR data so all of the small hills and embankments next to the runways and taxiways are visible as in real life. I have also thoroughly tested the RNAV Approach to Runway 1 with both Working Title G1000 NXI and the default avionics to make sure everything works for the IFR flyers out there.

Please enjoy the screenshots below and I hope you will enjoy the airport when it’s available. I will update the post here in the coming days when it is posted for download. Oh and it will be available for free!


Pagosa Springs Stevens Field is now available here!


Looks great-just downloaded it!

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Great! Hope you enjoy!