Paid for Deluxe but only have 94GB in folder

I have downloaded to a dedicated SSD (H Drive) however am not certain that I have correct folder order. I also am not certain that I have downloaded everything because I only have 94GB showing. I have attached screenie of my Folder Tree for checking please. Thankyou. Dan
FS2020 Folder Tree

It may be that not everything gets installed there. See if the Cirrus is there. Also check the store that everything is installed, if you purchased it there.

Thankyou for your advice. The program has been starting fine however the Content Manager (?) stated that it was downloading 16EiB but I could not see where this was happening? I had successfully started the program 5 times and it was running but I have now just rebooted my PC and started the sim again and this time it has taken me to an installation page and is starting to download additional GIB??? So I will just wait and see what happens and hopefully it will sort itself out. Thanks again.