Palm Beach International KPBI - jetways don't work

I just purchased this on the Marketplace. The developer is MSFSCenery Builders. Anybody have this? I saw that it had a 5 star rating, but not a single Jetway is in operation. Not worthy of a 5 star rating, let alone, be promoted and sold on the Marketplace.

Anyone eles??

I would not personally buy anything from that developer. NONE of their scenery has operating jetways - a major turnoff for me unless it’s not supposed to have jetways. Look at SimMarket for a lot of helpful information on products. Do research. Just because it’s in the Marketplace does not mean it has been vetted for quality in any way.

The best developers (where you can trust anything they release IMHO) are (in no particular order): FlightBeam, FSDreamTeam, FlyTampa, Aerosoft, JustSim, SimWings, LVFR, JetStream, Orbx, Drzewiecki Designs, Macco Simulations, Cloudsurf, and DreamFlight.

There are a few others that are producing some interesting work and earning my seal of approval - still checking them out before I say for sure. Anything not in that list just needs to be checked out thoroughly - some really good, some pretty good, and some total kr@p.

Lots of new developers out there!


Sadly a lot of cr@p (my opinion) is being added since two months. I hoped MS had a bit of quality control but nope, the worst thing is that you can’t refund so be extra careful.

A option to block certain developers would be nice to have in the marketplace.


I feel your pain. This goes on with every sim. Companies do the minimum to get products on the market to cash in on people who don’t know better. Companies that are rushing to get products out quickly should all be suspect. Most of us learned the hard way with XP and P3D, to really do our research by reading reviews by reputable reviewers and looking into the reputation of any vendor before paying for any add-on. The marketplace or online stores do not do enough to protect us from junk, as much as we’d like to think so. Since FS is so new, there is very limited info but this will change. Personally I’m not purchasing anything without loads of good feedback from sources I trust.


I wouldn’t mind so much if you could refund after a decend amount of time to see it personaly. Why should digitals purchases not have consumer protection? Not to mention that you buy credits instead of a product, why is that? You have no proof of purchase of a product at all.

Not sure how the FS store works as I haven’t purchased any add-on yet but when buying from websites for other sims, you get receipts and sometimes refunds when there are problems.

Well, if you buy a physical product, and then you refund that product, you give the product back, therefore you no longer own it. With digital goods, they have no way of ensuring you don’t still have the product. If you were to download the product and refund it, how can they ensure you aren’t still using the product? Sadly, people would abuse such a refund system to acquire payware for free.

You have license files on your system (stored in your Local or Roaming KHE folder depending on Steam or MS Store version and based on your store ID) that are checked with the bought add-ons/deluxe/premium. They can revoke those if needed.