Palm Trees? Pine Trees?

What the hell? No palm trees? No pine trees? Cactus? Seems like some easy fixes…enough said.

Cacti are already in the sim.

Search for existing posts for the same requests and vote them up. Enough said.

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I am moving this topic out of Wishlist. The rules of the wishlist section only allow for one wish per topic, as stated on the Wishlist page:

I believe all of these tree types exist in the system. The problem may be that they are not always where they should be.


There are palm trees, cactus and Pine trees in the sim but at the moment if what you see is wrong you either have to modify the scenery yourself or hope that the developers eventually correct the errors with the existing autogen system. For my money the errors are so pronounced in areas in my country that I like to fly over, I opted for the former solution. It is slow and very time consuming hand placing trees but the results are well worth it in my opinion

I have solved this issue with my mod. Check season in seasons.

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