palm trees wanted for california, florida, caribbean, hawaii, oceania. Please see zendesk inquiry describing the opton for a veg db tool.

I noticed same on the Vegas strip. Huge trees growing up the sides of casinos and hotels. The trees are too big and the species is wrong in many areas . Lake Tahoe Nv. Should have lots of pines… nope, some huge trees with leaves instead. :frowning:

:palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree: Got my vote. I’m a palm enthusiast. Can never have enough palms! :palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree:


Request #52482 palm trees

palm trees missing in regions like california and florida.
checking out socal and sofla where high palm trees appear as dark and high rise tarmac bricks in the middle of the landscape mixed around other trees,
Photogrametry may have defined them as buildings and not as trees due to their dominant appearance versus the rest of the trees.

Vegetation is a key aspect of the world design as it reflects the local experience.
Overflying L.A. or San Diego Harbour is very much connected with a load of tall palms across the landscape.

Since palms are related to geographic areas and L.A. palms look different than Florida Palms or Hawaiian or Italian Palms,
it is hard to define whether their implementation should be part of autogen or whether you need to create a little tool that includes
a tree database in connection with a zone or line drawing tool.

From an economic point of view it would make more sense to provide a tool, and let the users create and
share their work, rather than keeping asobo busy with hundreds and hundreds of working hours just for
tree placement. The community is already highly active in adding or modifying bridges, buildings, entire cities,
and designing flora is a creative process being an asset to the FS-experience if you will.

I am considering vegetation variety being part of a next developement step. It is definetely required, since you
don’t want Tokyo look like South Carolina, right? Currently Vegetation very much looks monogam/monoculture around the
globe, which deducts from feeling where you are, identifying the world’s area, and it deducts from the allover FS product to
represent the world.

Recently i took off from Marathon Key Florida, and it did not feel like in real life. The main cause was the wrong vegetation types.

I hope this request is considered with some priority.

Thank you.

tool proposal:

window with 3 segments
-zoomable map left window
-tree lib right window
-placement tools (polygon, line, autogen, exclusion, single placement)
chose area on map (mouse drag and zoom scroll), mark desired tree or tree type in lib window, click option: single placement, poly, line (along road e.g.), or other.
Single placement can be unlimited clicks on map, save or cancel all/last at any time. same with polygons.

This tool is intended for local areas, not for larger regions. It allows precise design of airport surroundings or cities or areas of interest.

Vegetation Library/Database: Please include Mangroves, Bushes etc., you know, stuff that is there in real life.


Yes - also for mediterranean lands. And as well as the chance to make local trees I would like a ‘tree density’ selector like X-plane has.
This sim has trees set at what in X-plane would be the max - far too many. I prefer one ‘notch’ below that in X-P. Here it would maybe stop overgrown parks and trees on bridges/moored boats etc.


good point steve. forgot to mention density or avoided to mention it to keep the request simple.

but yes, drawing a border between A.I. technique and manual placement is a subject to discuss
in case asobo picks this request up. Both would ideally have additional parameters like densitiy, height diversity, distraction, etc. etc… Not even mentioning movement.

basicly, the process divides A.I. / autogen from Local area. A.I. produces a logic across wide areas without
considering precise placements. Satellite imagery helps AI to place objects, but it is not good in categorizing the type of vegetation. The tool would contain a polygon drawer which contains parameters as mentioned, and which can be applied over larger areas, acting like A.I.
Parameters would work with datarefs and allow finding the right solution.

I dont think Asobo would talk to the two of us, even if we knew the solution.

But bringing up these things may eventually help them doing the right thing.
thanks for jumping on.

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yes well I did raise a zendesk bug report (and I expect others have, saying that tree coverage seems excessive and often the process puts trees where only small bushes are, or puts them on bridges, docks and even on moored boats. I said I hoped they could modify the algorithm or at least make a ‘density control’ for us. (It would presumably help frame rates for lesser machines as well).
I also mentioned that hi-rise is usually only in cities, not villages or on farms - maybe they can tweak some ‘if there are few buildings around it won’t be hirise’ type thing. Ditto for tall hangars & buildings on tiny airfields.
Who knows? maybe they can.
I finshed by thanking them for a great sim and hoping they continue making custom landmarks where needed - especially where I live - World Heritage Forth (rail) Bridge missing & no detail on other two - all just 2 miles north of EGPH! North Queensferry fom X-Plane|690x388

could be as simple as this:

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Wow - where is that from? I was hoping for a simple graphical program to let us add scenery. I made this for X-plane using one (Portmoak Glider airfield north of EGPH). I would love to adapt it - presumably having to use the default building/veg types but after reading a ‘how to’ I found now’t but a very unresponsive & complex editor.
Guessing anyway that if we tinker then ASBO could just overwrite with any new updates.

guys, Ian just reveiled that trees in FS acually can move!

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Hey guys, I agree that the natural world is just as important as human developed cities and structures. Recently I was flying in the Grand Canyon and didn’t see any cactus!??

It would be really nice if the vegetation can be adapted based on climate or landscape classes (desert, rainforest, savanna, alpine, etc). This way they don’t have to be hand-placed. Vegetation in the sim is much more important than animals (except for birds and mammals) to make the sim more real.

The cactus (Saguaros) you assume you should see at the Grand Canyon do not exist there. They are only found in the Sonoran Desert in Mid-Southern AZ and slightly into Mexico. The Grand Canyon is Surrounded by Ponderosa Pines, Piñon Pine and smaller species of cacti.

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steve, the gui is a proposal only, a quickdraft for something that would allow users to edit vegetation.
x-plane has similar issues with tools, WED is unpractical and Overlay Editor is not being updated.
In the past there were so easy tools, i don’t know what happened with the devs, they might have gotten blind over the years.

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I want this too!

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Palm trees and scrub palmetto as well.

Hi, it would be great to incorporate a variety of trees across regions, for instance there’s no palm trees in the Caribbean, this can be a great enhancement to the sim

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I just discovered this payware, that does exactly that.