Panel tilting with the plane

Dear Friends,
I’m very new to this simulator (not others), and I’m a little embarrassed to ask this question, but I don’t see anyone asking it, so I guess it’s fixed.

When the plane turns it is physically ABSURD that the panel tilts with respect to the pilot’s eyes; the pilot, like everything inside the plane, is tilted exactly the same, and the only thing the pilot sees is his perfectly horizontal panel, but the tilted horizon.

In the MSFS 2020 there is the absurdity that, if the turn is pronounced, part of the instruments are no longer visible, since they are tilted with respect to the pilot.

There is an option to keep the internal camera fixed (as it should be) but then it is no longer possible to select any internal quick view.

Is this true or is there any other possibility that the simulator behaves normally in this very BASIC aspect?: an instrument panel that tilts with respect to the pilot’s line of sight when turning…!!!.

I swear that I have been looking for this, but being sure that is my fault, I can not find the solution.

A cordial greeting.

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