PAPI lights wont show until 5NM?

Is anyone else having this problem? No matter the airport the papi lights wont be visible until i reach about 5NM. At >5NM they are still blurry…is there a setting i can adjust to make them visible further away?



Yeah I have noticed they are very faint.

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PAPI are usually visible by 3-5 miles on a clear day and can be seen up to 20 miles at night.

In P3D and Xplane the lights were always too bright.

I’ve seen a lot of Vasi and papi as I fly in the real world they are fairly pointless beyond 5 miles during the day

In our Jet we fly all visual approaches using a Glideslope or a Rnav VGP.

Then about 3-5 miles we usually let the pilot monitor know that you are leaving vertical guidance to come in on the Vasi or Papi…

Because that is when we can actually see it and make out the 2 red 2 white.

Night is a different story you can usually see it 15 miles out

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I did a comparison of night/day 2 miles out at Beijing Capital. I couldn’t seem them at all during the day which makes it pretty hard to get the right height when landing visually.