Paris : Orbx vs Prealsoft?

Is there any comparison of Orbx and Prealsoft version of Paris ?
They are at the same price in the marketplace…

Personally I would go with ORBX, although there is a world update on the horizon that might make it redundant.


Agreed. I’m wondering if Asobo is going to make my London landmarks package redundant and render my ~$20 wasted.

I have Imdrako LAndmark and that’s good :slight_smile: no need ORBX or Prealsoft from what I’ve seen :stuck_out_tongue:

ORBX version has just released for Xbox and was wondering the same, which one is the better buy? I guess not many would have both so this might be hard to answer. I wonder if adding the night enhancement would be acceptable or is there no need.

Orbx conver more (Boulogne billancourt, Mont Valérien…)