Paro Kathmandu and back

Challenging departure out of a clear Paro this morning with a challenging approach on both ends. The approach was a bit too close to the terrain into VNKT and the weather was marginal on the way back into Paro. I ended up having to go around and as you will see later on I royally sh!t the bed on the landing into Paro. Enjoy!

Holding short for company traffic

Stunning terrain

Appraoch into Kathmandu

Established for RNAV/Visual into RW 02

Floated a bit so used the entire runway

Parked and getting ready for the return

Rough weather ahead!

Got too busy to take pictures, but. made it in, after going missed once, hands down one of my worst landings, I am surprised my landing gear didn’t collapse. (should’ve gone around again)

Parked at the gate and done for the day


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