Partenavia P68B Victor (MSFS)

I get the same issue with the changes settings. And agree, I truly appreciate this community but this is something the dev should fix.


The mod is now available at the library. You may need to register for free membership to download files.

Features include:
Weight, balance and payload adjustments to improve handling on the ground and in the air.
Contact points and brakes adjusted for improved ground handling.
Aerodynamics, engines and props adjusted for improved flight performance.
RPM gauge adjusted to show accurate prop rpm.
Flap lever adjusted to work with mousewheel and controller switch or buttons.
Autopilot toggle switches and selectors adjusted for correct function, with updated tooltips.
ATC now calls out the correct ICAO type and model “Partenavia P68 Victor”.
Aircraft now taxis to the active in the “ready to fly” videos.

Important notes:
This mod will not affect any third party liveries, but it will be affected by third party light mods.
The autopilot bank hold works, but the aircraft rocks gently as it turns. It is recommended to use heading hold for turns instead.
This mod was created for use on a regular PC monitor with the Logitech Yoke System and Throttles. It is NOT optimised for VR or home cockpit use.

Working gauges:

No sinking feeling:

Autopilot switches with tooltips:


Thank you for the mod! Now finally I can say a working plane


Tiger’s Partenavia P68B Victor Mod v1.1 released:

Update V1.1:
Improved Autopilot Altitude Hold to properly maintain the selected altitude and disengage correctly when switched off.
Improved Autopilot Bank Hold (max 15°) to eliminate ‘rocking’ while turning.
Improved aerodynamics, fuel quantity and fuel consumption for IFR flight and ILS landings using keyboard Ctrl+N (Nav mode) and Ctrl+A (Appr mode).
External lights and Pitot heat are switched on when starting a flight on the runway.


Tiger’s Partenavia P68B Victor Mod v1.2 released:

Update V1.2:
Amendment to fuel consumption data - apologies for the error in the previous version.


Wow - very well done! I think it actually feels flyable now!

Stupid question of the day, where is the AP on/off switch? I have it mapped so I’m able to use the AP, but is there a switch somewhere?

Thanks, there’s an AP master switch on each of the yokes.

Ahhhh ok. I usually hide the yokes. That explains it.

Tiger’s Partenavia P68B Victor Mod V1.3 released:

Update V1.3:
Fuel and electrical systems adjusted to improve fuel tank transfer and the electrical system failure after extending or retracting the flaps.
Alternate Air levers will now deice the engines at the selected rate (0-100%).
Further improved Autopilot Bank Hold engage and disengage functions.
Further improved aerodynamics, engine and prop performance, fuel quantity and fuel flow - see below:

Important Notes:

This plane and a few others with similar fuel systems suffer from a bug in the sim which causes the right fuel tank to drain faster than the left.

The workaround for this is to use the Weight and Balance window on the menu bar in the sim to set the overall fuel quantity slider as required, then both tanks will drain equally.


Thanks again for this wonderful mod. I appreciate your work, it greatly changes this plane to fly so much better than default.

I do have another question please. I saw this mod pop up a few days ago. Am I correct that your mod is more complete? Anything there than can be compared and incorporated into yours?

The mod by jackzyg uses the WT GNS430, apart from that you are correct and my mod is more complete.

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The plane has everything on board to fly without the GPS 430. I already thought about removing the GPS navigator altogether. An excellent radio navigation kit allows you to enter even in bad weather.


I don’t use the WT GNS530/430 myself, and wouldn’t recommend them at the moment because they conflict with the avionics in other aircraft, even those which don’t use the GNS530/430.

Do you think it would be better to implement an in-cockpit tablet of some kind instead? Like the 750 or the other third party ones?

There’s the freeware GTN750 mod which has a menu bar pop up window that can be used with all aircraft. It works very well with the P68B.

Tiger’s Partenavia P68B Mod v1.4 released:

New in Version 1.4:

Electrical system improvement to the battery charging circuits, by Oleg Tronov.
Further improved engine and prop performance, by Oleg Tronov.
Interior lights dimmer knobs fixed by Oleg Tronov and tiger1962.
Altimeter inHg readout now functions correctly, with thanks to Oleg Tronov for identifying the fault.
Camera adjustment for a better zoom angle on the GNS430 (Ctrl+3).
Texture adjustments to the props, gauge glass and a typo on the GPS FPL button.


Tiger’s Partenavia P68B Mod v1.5 released:

New in Version 1.5:

Autopilot Altitude and Bank Hold further adjusted for smoothest operation.
Fuel economy adjusted to achieve 4.5 hours flight endurance.
Fuel Flow gauge adjusted for smoothest operation.