Partnership and Integration of Pilot2ATC in FS2020

I have the feeling that a lot of users fly with pilot2atc.
Developping atc system is complex and for sure pilot2atc responds to most of offline needs (i mean by offline without vatsim/ivao).

I think it could be very interesting to have a strong partnership with pilot2atc, to refactor the software and to integrate it as official fs2020 ATC.

Pilot2atc, speach recognition, synthetized voices, microsoft azur, flight simulator…it makes sens to me.

Heads up that there is another topic that simply asks for voice recognition. It does not specifically ask for a Pilot2ATC but just any voice recognition implementation.

Agree and I voted for. But pilot2atc is not only voice recognition. It is really a great ATC system. It will be interesting to integrate its reliable functionnalities. Voice recognition included but not only.

And it will be possible for pilot2atc to control other aircrafts


I’ve been thinking about buying Pilot2ATC…I only fly in VR though. Is it easy to use in VR without a lot of screen switching?

I played a while with x-plane and pilot2atc in VR. It’s works well with a button ptt (push to talk).

No difference with FS2020. Difficulties begin when you have to read because you don t understand. Star name for exemple.

Understood! :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t see this happening. Pilot2ATC works with multiple sims and much older sims. I dont see dev selling that to Microsoft just for MSFS.

Also I would assume that any voice interaction with ATC in MSFS is going to use Azure Speech Services and be cloud based.

Agree with the 2 points.
There is a low probability that it is feasible. But when I see the partnership with Working Title… Maybe.
For sure pilot2atc would have to be refactored for beeing cloud based (azur) and of course for the interface : It should be a “port” and not an integration as-is.

The functionnalities of P2A with technologies and capacities of Microsoft…


With Pilot2ATC you get some very interesting and lovely instructions e.g.

“Winds at … Cleared for Takeoff Runway16. Fly Runway Heading till 1,000’ and then turn left HDG 077 to intercept… “ This is something that I had heard only on VATSIM.

And another nice one was ;
“Exit runway … Be Advised You May Have Landed On The Wrong Runway”

Pretty pleasant telling off by ATC for a pilot error. Just couldn’t imagine what VATSIM ATC would have dished out for such an error.

The technical complexity of Pilot2ATC is remarkable. And the immersion when coupled with Amazon Polly is just awesome.

Hopefully a partnership with MSFS would materialize. Beats developing an-in-house system when something awesome already exits.

if you look up Pilot2ATC on MSFS on google it will show you how to install it.

I’m considering buying pilot2atc for use in MSFS
I’ve seen some tutorials but they’re not really clear on everything so I have some questions

  • Will the pilot be given a SID/STARS without having it preparing it in the application? (Which is not that realistic)
  • Is ATC aware of speed restrictions, TA/TL that is given on SID/STAR?
  • Does ATC change to Radar Vectoring if so required?
  • Does ATC change the runway and approach if weather change during flight?
  • Can the ATC directs you to holding?
  • Does pilot2atc create flightplans for PMDG-aircrafts, QW-aircratfs, Aerosoft aircrafts and Level-D Aircrafts?
  • Is there is a textinterface in the aircraft for communicating with ATC?
  • Can all functionality be done from inside the aircraft, so that I don’t need to jump to pilot2atc during the flight?

Thanks in advance
Mats Sederholm

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