Patch 2 is an absolute joke!

How can a company with any integrity release a patch which IMO breaks more than it fixes is truly shocking! Did nobody bother to check control sensitivities. If a hotfix is not out today I’m tempted to ask for a full refund. Amazing program potential but seriously ASOBO must stop being so careless!

Edit: Patch 3 has worked wonders for me!:slightly_smiling_face:


He’s german, so he probably fixed it already (all alone). :sunglasses:


No it is not the time for him to go without him this Sim wouldn’t exist


While I understand your frustration if you can barely play, saying it breaks more than it solves sounds extremely exaggerated. Can you make a 40+ item list over things that are broken?


Absolutly true but also if they will fix the bugs you have to choose Payware

Not sure about patch 2, but this thread sure is.


Autopilot alone on many planes has numerous bugs as does the scenery & elevation data. Spikes, holes, water levels, Road sloping in line with the side of mountains. Have you checked around Positano recently?? etc. etc etc. And don’t get me started on control sensitivity settings now gone!


I think the airliner pilots are more p… off than GA pilots. Because the airliners are really messed up. But that’s how it is. We have to live with it until a hotfix.

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a320 it’s totaly broke right now, battery, left engine…
but fps is improved


Yes It is Microsoft Logic because if you have less functional systems the performance is better :rofl:


indeed the patch did things not good. i had a fluidly gameplay before it with 20 to 30 fps but now i have 20 to 30 fps and stutters at low heights my games crashes at some airports directly after start i cant start at EDDH anymore. sometimes if i choose start at the gate in the menu im spawning directly on the runaway even if i choosen start at the gate


mine is crashing on starting communications with atc…that alone is a game breaker

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I flew for 3 hours now and had no crashes at all. Still missing my A320 though…

You should RESET all your settings for once. And also move all your mods out of the community folder to see if that helps.

Might be wise to just do a clean install of the sim.


Have you got the fly by wire a320nx mod installed I found the patch broke the a320 nx mod

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Yes it did, on some parts.

Me too. I have noticed a drop in fps and cockpit view stutters big time.


Yes i was thinking the same a multi billion$$ company and this is what we get from Microsoft

Road traffic ALL OVER Paris CDG. Plane jumping all over the place on taxiways. Neo APU hangs on 0%, AP unpredictable, Peripherals bindings no longer work. Displays too dim and revert to dimmest after adjustment, negligible improvement in frame rate performance, but now the Sim is UNUSABLE.

Gonna have to put this down for a few weeks/ months unless a miracle happens.

It really feels like a bad joke now, but MS doesn’t seem to care - they have their money.


Found the FPS, to have improved . Was able to increase scaling slightly , without suffering negative effects . Graphics a lot smoother , overall .

Haven’t extensively tested all the aircraft . AP seems to work better on the small Beachcraft G36 I was flying ( excuse any inaccurate names or spelling ) . Was having trouble getting it to hold a set altitude after climbing , using AP . This seems to be solved .

The A320 , I took for a short approx 50 min flight . Had no issues with engines etc ( maybe because I started on the runway , in take off position + made sure I turned on both engine generators ) .

Vertical climb , after turning on the AP , was the usual " Chuck Yeager " affair . Seemed to follow waypoints better , and seemed to have better low speed control , when on landing approach .

Don’t think this patch was the " cure all " that everyone had hyped / was hoping for .

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