Patch or Naw?

Are they gonna release an update to fix all the CTDs, or do we need to wait for the big updates?

What kind of CTDs are you experiencing? Are you getting CTD on a clear vanilla no-mods MSFS? If you’re getting CTDs from having third-party mods installed, it’s not Asobo’s responsibility to release the hotfix. It’s the third-party developer’s responsibility to adapt their content to the new platform.

Im using the Xbox series X version, on launch the game crashes before I get to main menu…I’ve tried uninstalling, it doesn’t work. So yes I’ll wait for a patch, and yes it is their responsibility to test before pushing out something

Okay, I think we need topics to be clearly described which platform it’s referring to. Using the term CTD implies you’re experiencing “Crash to Desktop” where Desktop is a common term for Windows PC, not Xbox.

There must be something going on with your XBox though, I’m watching people livestreaming MSFS through XBox Series X, and they seem to be fine and having no problems.

I contacted msfs support team through Zendesk, they said the issue I have is a known issue. Then they listed all the bugs. There’s nothing wrong with my Xbox, I can launch other games perfectly fine. Also, flight simulator only launches when I turn off the internet on the Xbox. But when I turn it back on, the game crashes. Idk what’s happening

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