Path to screenshots folder

Can someone provide me with the path and folder where the screenshots are stored?

Regards: Delfin

It might be different on other pc’s, but the default is in your pictures folder:

C:\Users\ (your user name) \Pictures\Screenshots

Or on Win10
C:\Users*your user name*\Videos\Microsoft Flight Simulator

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No, the screenshots on my PC are not stored in the images folder. I have shot at least a dozen, and in pictures there are none. Where do you think I can look? Anyway, thanks for your information.
Regards: Delfin

Tell us how, what key combos, are you using to take yours screenshots.

It depends what tool you’re using. MS Game Bar? GeForce Experience? Steam? Each will store them in different locations.

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On my PC, there is no “Microsoft Flight Simulator” folder linked to videos.

This is the MSFS path on my PC.

C: \ Users \ Delfin \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft Flight Simulator, and there is no folder with the screenshots here.

I use the key F12

MSFS doesn’t take screen shots. At all. If you’re taking screen shots, then it’s likely one of the tools I listed above. And where they’re stored depends on which you’re using to take the screen shots.

If your using steam open up steam, select view, screenshots, a box will pop up with ss on it. Under the SS there will be buttons, one is open local folders choose that.

If you know what format the SS are in you can use search in the fileman using the *.jpg in the search bar and it will tell you all the diff places *jpg files are stored.


Did you get MSFS via Steam?

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F12 I think is the key press for Steam. In Steam, select Virew->Screenshots. Then there is a ‘show on disk’ option.

in case you’re not using steam, i think the following controls are default in windows and gamebar:

  • Windows key + PrintScreen = Screen capture which includes any attached monitor and full desktop (not handy in windowed mode). location: C:\Users[username]\Pictures\Screenshots
  • Windows key + left alt key + Printscreen = Active window screenshot by xbox gamebar. Location: C:\Users[username]\Videos\Captures
  • Left Alt key + Printscreen = Create a screenshot and put it on clipboard. You need an image editor (or paint) to paste the image and save it to a location of your choice.

I think these are it.


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Hi @BubbaBlitz7348 , and everyone else who participated in locating the screenshots.

Thank you gentlemen, problem solved. The screenshots are located, exactly as you say BubbaBliz7348 and a few others who describe it correctly.

Since in this difficulty you have given me ideas (and solutions), I would ask you to help me to solve this other problem much bigger than the previous one. In summary it is the following (which I have already exposed in: Community -->General discussion, but there was not a single help. My difficulty since the last update is this:

1º) A good part of the airplanes, the engine stops at the beginning of the flight. Some of them stop as soon as I get ready to take off, others in mid-flight. I try to start with “Ctrl+E” and some of them start, but immediately they stop again. I only found 2 that fly normally:

2º). "Zlin A. Savage Club and Zlin A. Shock Ultra that fly normally.

And now, something much worse (and hard to believe):

a) - I almost always fly in “ready to fly”.

b) - This MSFS Extra 330 stalls very often; I start it and it stalls again, every day, it stalls almost when I turn it on again.

c) Sometimes it appears on the runway with the engine stopped, I start it, and sometimes I start it but sometimes it doesn’t do it. It is not the only one that stalls the engine, also do it: Cessna 152; Baron G 58, Cesna Citation CJ4, King, and others that are the ones that I usually fly. These two have never stalled: Zlin Savage CUB, and Zlin Shock Ultra,

d) - This is hard to believe: after restarting the engine, it runs with non-uniform rpm; it goes in jerks (accelerates and decelerates with regular time intervals) until it stops again.

e) - and the most difficult yet: While in flight, with the engine’s rpm (and consequently, its power) failing, all the avionics on the instrument panel are turned off, all the digital displays are turned off, but the engine continues to work, albeit irregularly.

The following 2 images show my configuration in the assistance, although I suppose it has nothing to do with the systematic stops of the mentioned engines.

Its more then likely going to be your fuel mixture settings. If I remember by default they’re bound to either your throttle or in the case you have two throttle axis’s the left throttle. So if you have say your left throttle pulled all the way back along with your right throttle, your starving you engine of fuel.

Go into you joysitck config and search fuel and see if there isnt a bind set. If not, either set one or manually push the fuel mixture setting all the way up and launch then once your in the air you can ease it back a bit…not to much or you’ll stall the engine, and get to learn how to restart in mid-air as the ground comes zooming at you. ;p

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Hi @ BubbaBlitz7348

Thank you for responding to my difficulty.

  1. .- If I fly “ready to fly”, I must assume that the fuel settings are correct.

  2. .- You literally tell me:

Go into you joystick config and search fuel and see if there isnt a bind set.

I ask you for a little patience with me, I am starting and the first time, as you know, it is always difficult. Please tell me the path to get to the “joystick settings”.

Kind regards: Delfin

Okay I’ll be gentle always glad to try to help a future simmer.

The place to find the keybinds is in the option menu (where the 4 panels are) you want the panel on the bottom right I forget what its called but its the one for assigning controls in the game.

Okay lets start with your throttle quadrant. Look down to the left you will see 3 levers.
1 lever is throttle another lever is fuel mixture ( like a choke in a car sort of) and the third shoud be RPM settings for the blade.

By default throttle and fuel are bound together, if you push the throttle forward the fuel mixture will follow. If the throttle is all the way down (no throttle) the fuel mixture (choke) will be shut off and the engines dies of fuel starvation.

So when taking off you should have throttle pulled all the way back but you should have fuel mixture pushed all the way forward. And the plane should idle for you. To take off release the parking brake and give the plane enough throttle to gain forward moment…

All right good now were moving … ;p Now using the rudder (either pedals or if your using the stick for this) twist the handle gentle until the plane start rolling straight down the run way, now hold the rudder to keep you straight, push the stick slightly forward and increase your throttle to about 60-75% now speed is picking up, when you hit your rotation speed, the nose of the plane will start to lift, you can now pull back on the stick and take off.

Okay now we’re airborne if you have gear retract them, climb a little more and now retract your flaps, careful if your not going fast enough the plane might nose down, dont panic just pull gently back on the stick until you regain positive rate of climb. Now as a new pilot this will get you in the air flying straight and level.

Now you can:
Find the stick for the RPM ease it back a bit not to much or the plane will stall and boom…
Find the stick for the Fuel Mixture, ease it back a bit, again not to much or you’ll starve the engine and boom…
Find the throttle and do the same ease it back until the engine isnt running in the red and your all set to stay in the air.

Next step is to trim the plane, but get this part working 1st and we can work on trim settings next.

Remember if you pull the throttle and more then one lever moves, you need to find the Fuel Mixture settings in settings and bind it to a control so that its seperate from the throttle. Also if there is a Fuel Mixture bind attached to the throttle, delete it so that your new setting dont conflict with you other settings…


In addition to to the excellent explanation by @scriptkid, I can add you don’t often need filenames to put a screenshot here, on this forum. Make your screenshot and key Control V in the forum editor (Paste). For me that works, I’m on a laptop.

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Didn’t know that (never tried to be honest), thanks for telling, cheers!

I just drag them straight from the folder into the message Im posting dont even need to copy and paste.

Sorry I just love that shot, reminds me of the portals to hell ;p