Pause bug

Love this flight sim but may have found another bug. Flying IFR from Palma to Barcelona. All going well and cruising but then had to active pause. When I got back 5 minutes later the plane had crashed as I’d over stressed it! Guess stopping mid flight isn’t a good idea.

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Active pause doesn’t actually pause the sim. See this guide to how to actually pause the sim.

Active pause isn’t meant for when you need to step away from your computer. More for when you need to fiddle with some controls really quickly. I’ve completely unbound the active pause myself personally as I found I was never using it anymore once I found out about the real pause.

Ah - thank you. Hadn’t realised that. Makes sense why the plane crashed now. Seems a bit silly to call it a pause and put it in the main toolbar.

Guess we’re all still learning :+1:

By the way, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature… :wink:

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I’ve had it where I used active pause and when I came back I was out of fuel :slight_smile:

Ehm in the startscreen is showing off that active pause can be used for a coffee break … so yeah it should pause the planes movement… but its nothing to cry over… it will be fixed in the future patches…

I’m asking everytime,

what the hell Asobo think about what functionality this ‘feature’ need have. Absolutely curious :smiley: same to me but after 5-10s my TBM crash :smiley: I must say from release day…