Pause key

I cannot find the pause key on my logitech k850 keyboard

Just based on personal experience and lots of comments here, you may not want a “pause” key, if you mean to use it “active pause”. Lots of issues. If you really want “active pause”, just reassign it to a key you do have.
Otherwise just use “ESC” to pause without the sim continuing to run.

The game doesn’t recognize my keyboard’s pause key, so I remapped it to Right Shift+P so I can hit it with one hand. Or maybe it was Right Ctrl+P… I can’t remember now LOL

See this post on actually pausing the sim. [HOW-TO] How to actually PAUSE the sim!.

There is a subtle distinction between pausing everything including time and pausing all action in the sim except for the passage of time. But you can bind keys on your keyboard to turn PAUSE ON and PAUSE OFF without pausing time. I’ve used the “P” key and “Ctl+P” for PAUSE ON and PAUSE OFF, which you have to bind in Options, Controls as detailed in the link provided just above by JvanE100.