Pause menus not showing

Im having an issue where if I press esc key and try to navigate to the options menus, the menu tabs wont even show, the screen will only have the options at the bottom to exit to main menu or restart and when I click resume with cursor it will not resume.

The same here. But not always. I haven’t found out the circumstances for this error to occur.

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Happens to me sometimes too.

I am the same, I think there is definitely a serious issue in the Control Options Menu

Can anyone confirm that if you press a joystick button you actually see the bound button on
the screen light-up to confirm it is correct, because mine does not anymore, but I have a feeling this is the new way due to the Xbox?

I’m really frustrated right now as I just had to abandon a flight simply because the pause menu (after pressing ESC) wouldn’t let me get back.
For starters, before SU5, you could press ESC to pause, and then press ESC again to resume. I don’t know why they would change this, but since SU5 you could only resume by clicking on “Resume” with the mouse.
Now, after the second hotfix, however, the pause menu won’t let me click anything with the mouse. As a result, I can only do what has keys assigned to it: Load/Save, Restart or return to the Main Menu.
Please, please, please: give us back the chance to resume a flight by pressing a key!!!

Edit: I have this problem in the A320NX.

I have the same Problem since the newest Hot-Fix Patch. I can’t continue my Flight and must close the Simulation with ALT-F4

One thing I must add: The problem seems to be sporadic. I finally got the sim to crash (it’s not that hard…), and after the restart I can no longer reproduce the problem. I’ll keep my eyes open though…

Have you found a fix? Because atm the only fix is to restart the flight

i to am haveing this issue, i have noticed as well, everything is runing low setings when this happens, even tho i run in utra

I have this issue too. When pressing ESC button during a session, sometimes - not always, the menu freeze not letting me press ESC to go back to the active session. Only options is to restart the flight or go back to main menu END. This makes me not wanna use ESC during a flight, afraid to get this freeze ruining the flight. Hope this will be fixed ASAP

I’m having the same issue sometimes, can’t reach the control options. I have to restart the flight to get it back.

Same Problem! PLS FIX! i cannot resume the flight!

Had the same problem happen to me just now, it happened a few times before. Really frustrating i have to cancel my flights.

same here right now on VATSIM… have to cancel my flight … :frowning:

Same problem here.

I have the same problem. I can at least close it to continue my flight by pressing ESC, but I cannot change any settings (graphics, control etc.) during the flight, so it’s really annoying.

Same problem as others have noted, So far i have flown the airbus a320nx not the marketplace one , And i cant see any of the menues. Dont know if the problem persists with other aircraft.


Restarted my sim and with the a320 nx the options menu shows up. Might be a oddity glitch maybe,

Use keyboard keys: ALT + enter

Happens only with the Fly by wire a320 for me.

Having the same issue in the FBW a320, if it’s not one issue, it’s another.