Pause World Updates?

I know many have brought this point up in the past, and it has been met with a very valid point, that many of the devs working on the world updates aren’t the same ones working on the other stuff.

Here is where I am coming from.

How about they pause the world updates, as each of these updates seems to mess with other aspects of the sim, taking resources away from groups working on sim development etc. and they can focus on adding the many missing airports from the base sim?

I am shocked that the biggest airports in Istanbul and South Korea are missing or missing runways etc. Brisbane in Australia is missing a runway. So instead or releasing world updates, why not have that group work on adding these airports into the sim, while they go full steam ahead on fixing the flight and performance related issues. We’ve even got an active list going for them, I don’t recall them working on any of these unless it coincides with a world update.

The last patch (hot fix), was a good example of what can be achieved if they focus and concentrate on one thing. I do not believe a lack of skill or resources is the issue plaguing the updates in this sim, rather a lack of focus and direction.

Now, I understand this is a business and XBOX is priority etc, but this could be a good fix for us trying to enjoy and fly the sim since launch. As I have mentioned in the past, I have been spoilt by the look of the game and can’t see myself going back to the others unless they end up partnering with Google or someone of that calibre, therefore, a better update path would make this :kissing::ok_hand:

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