PC at idle, FPS low?

Hello Everybody

Could someone assist me? I am at ultra settings 1440p and my System load is 30% and fps 25, I go to low end settings and I get 25FPS. My system is on very low load, and I cant get the FPS going up… I have no clue whats going on.

Do you have vsync enabled, that will limit you some. The other thing you can do if you havent, is to open up taskmanager switch to performance and see if its even using the GPU, I was running older 465.* drivers and noticed all of a sudden I wasnt showing anything using the GPU, had to reinstall the driver and then it worked right on the taskman display. Didnt get anymore FPS out of it but it did show that the GPU was being utilized…

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Does this happen in all planes and locations?
What’s your system specs, especially CPU?

Could be that you’re CPU limited, especially if this is in a CPU-heavy plane (A320, especially A32NX mod, 747, 787) and/or in CPU-heavy locations like photogrammetry cities or big airports.
The CPU as a whole won’t be at 100% as the current build isn’t very multi-threaded, so if the 30% refers to CPU load that doesn’t really rule this guess out.


The sim is very dependent on one core, while your overall system use is 30% one core is at it’s maximum.

As for the lack of change between high and low settings I suspect you have a very good GPU and it’s sound asleep waiting for CPU instructions.

This is currently a typical experience.


In addition to some good advice above I would go into Developer mode to see if you are CPU or GPU limited. Once you have found out which of the two is limiting your FPS I would then concentrate on adjusting the settings in options which will place less load on your limiting hardware be that your CPU or GPU.

I would also look at other offending stuff such as the effect of background programs. Also, consider making an Anti Virus exclusion for FS2020. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you guys for all of your replies. Vsync is off. I turned off live weather and live AI traffic, now I am stuck at 35-40 fps. Even when I go low end settings, the fps dont go up much. System is using the GPU. I9-10850k runs at 4,8 Ghz. I really dont understand why even the lowest setting just gives me like 40-50 fps and the ultra settings with everything turned on maximum gives me like 35-40 fps. That doesnt seem logical to me.

Yes its not dependent on the location or plane.

If your getting 35-40 now, be happy and wait for the update on the 27th (supposed to be a huge fps improvement), if after that you still have the problem you can be ■■■■■■ again! ;p

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I’m running an i7-10700k and a RTX3070 and get between 30-60 fps depending on location and which plane I’m in with mostly high to ultra settings and 2560 x 1440 @144Hz. The single biggest boost of performance for me came after reading about the Hyper-threading turned off improvement. It really does work and my FPS increased an average of 12-15 and as a bonus my CPU temps dropped easily 10C.

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Turn off hyper threading to boost, hmm I might try that, thanks!