PC compatibility

Hi Guys,

I recently bought FS2020 for my father. He installed it on a brand new computer - the DVD version, though it’s been updated through the internet quite a bit since - and while the game works, it always warns him on start-up that it might not run at its best because of the limits of the computer. When running, there are times in which the game slows down a bit or freezes for a moment.

Now, my father insists that the computer is up to the specs required by the game. He asked people and heard different answers - that this certain type of computer (it’s a mini-PC) is known to struggle with this game, or that he needs a better graphics card (but how do you physically install that into such a small computer?).

I’ve added a photo of the computer specs, and would appreciate any help or answer in the matter.

I don’t have the game specs to hand though I’d say that PC is likely quite below the minimum requirement.

An Intel NUC is not designed for gaming; built more for web browsing, email, and streaming video at 1080p.

Note that even users with 32GB of RAM and 8GB (or more) of VRAM are having trouble running this software smoothly, with CPU and GPU parts that cost thousands of dollars.

I’d say that all is ok but… the GPU needs an upgrade…

Thanks, guys. I’ll pass on the messages.

Just one quick follow-up question: Before upgrading the computer, I suppose my father might try to upgrade the GPU, just to see if it helps as at least one reply believes that this is the issue. Is it possible to upgrade the GPU in an Intel Nuc? Is it done with an internal card or is there an external one?

You will need an external gpu enclosure like the Razor CoreX or similar. The Razor requires eGFX support in the NUC and a Thunderbolt 3 connection. Best to do some research on the system first to determine compatability.

Even if you decide to upgrade the GPU its going to be heavily bottlenecked by the cpu and you will likely loose out on a lot of performance.4 cores is already a bottleneck with this game.
Trust me you are much better just getting a prebuilt.

I run an 8th gen i5 with a 2060m super and have super smooth 45-50fps at 1080p. As long as he doesn’t over-buy the GPU, pretty sure he will be able to achieve the same performance.
UPGRADE does not = 3090

With Dx12 coming people that on any 1600 series and lower than 1070TI are going to be pooping itself. Meaning no more flight sim as my 1660TI won’t able to run it :frowning:

I also have a weak gpu with just 2 GB vram which means 1080p is out of the question. Set the sim resolution to 720p (or even less) and render scaling to 100%.