PC - Intel 4.2Ghz vs 5.0Ghz vs 3200Mhz vs 3600 Mhz - Load Times and Flight FPS

i9-9900K, Gigabyte Z390 MB, 64 GB DDR4, GTX 1660 TI, NVMe M.2 SSD
Gskill Memory 3600 Mhz at XMP with 1.35v
FS2020,, Ultra, Terrain LoD=6, Object LoD=5
Windows 10, DirectX=11 Using XPForce to load FS2020
Working Title CJ4 Mod v0.12.11
MSI Afterburner for FPS

Edit: 12/29/2021
Running PC at 4.2 Ghz and 3200 Mhz Memory
Just installed new HDMI cable to replace existing SD HDMI cable.

  • 4K HDMI Cable 6.6 ft,Capshi High Speed 18Gbps HDMI 2.0 Cable,4K, 3D, 2160P, 1080P, Compatible UHD TV

Surprised at additional colors and FS2020 App load time dropped to 3:04 minutes vs the 5:20 listed below.

A. Load Time from Clicking XPForce to FS2020 Welcome Screen appears.

4.2Ghz 3200 Mhz - FS2020 Load time = 3:40:00 to 3:45:20 = 5:20 min
4.2Ghz 3600 Mhz - FS2020 Load time = 4:30:00 to 4:33:45 = 3:35 min

5.0Ghz 3200 Mhz - FS2020 Load time = 3:52:00 to 3:55:14 = 3:14 min
5.0Ghz 3600 Mhz - FS2020 Load time = 4:01:00 to 4:04:00 = 3:00 min

B. Load saved Flight Plan and click FLY:
Load time from clicking FLY until the flight displays.

4.2Ghz 3600 Mhz - Flight Load time = 5:35:00 to 5:36:30 = 1:30 min
4.2Ghz 3200 Mhz - Flight Load time = 6:50:10 to 6:51:30 = 1:20 min

5.0Ghz 3200 Mhz - Flight Load time = 6:01:05 to 6:02:15 = 1:10 min
5.0Ghz 3600 Mhz - Flight Load time = 5:49:04 to 5:50:13 = 1:09 min

C. WTCJ4 handling and flight FPS

4.2Ghz 3200 Mhz - Smooth with CPU=20% GPU=100% FPS = 13 @3000 feet
5.0Ghz 3200 Mhz - Smooth with CPU=20% GPU=100% FPS = 13 @3000 feet

5.0Ghz 3600 Mhz - Smooth with CPU=23% GPU=100% FPS = 14 @3000 feet
4.2Ghz 3600 Mhz - Smooth with CPU=22% GPU=100% FPS = 14 @3000 feet


The only striking difference is the quicker initial load time of
FS2020 with the larger CPU speed and memory speed. (5Ghz and 3600Mhz).

I could not see any difference in flying the WTCJ4 at any of the CPU speeds
and memory speeds. Graphics were the same for all combinations.

I don’t do any video processing and don’t need the higher speeds
for my PC.

Instead of thinking about the need to upgrade to Intel 12th , DDR5,
Z690 MB w/PCIe 5.0, PCIe 5.0 NVME M.2 SSDs and GPU (Intel DD2), etc.

I think I’ll run this PC, Z390 MB, at 4.2Ghz and 3200MHZ to
help it last until 2023 for the newer hardware that is out then.

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Yeah, pointless to overclock the CPU when the poor 1660 Ti is the bottleneck 100% of the time.


Same thing for my Ryzen 2700X and 1080Ti. I was so tempted to upgrade to a 5600X but held off the purchase due to the prolong pandemic.

It was a good decision because SU 6 dropped and my GPU is now the bottleneck, both 2D and VR.

The CPU benchmark is irrelevant, since there’s a bottleneck on GPU

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I don’t understand why my sim takes so long to load. Not counting the Community Folder I have 547 items installed. In the Community I have 32 items. Today I upgraded to an I9-11900 from an I7-10700 hoping that it would improve the load times.

It barely made a difference. With the I7 my load times were between 9-12 minutes. With the I9, so far I have seen 8-9 minutes.

I have 64GB of RAM, Samsung NVMe 2TB and an RTX 2060 Super 8GB.

I think the problem must be the number of purchases I have.

But what is the sim doing? I know it needs to know what mods you have, but until you use them, there shouldn’t be a lot to processing to do.

Once the sim loads, even on the I7, it ran fine with setting of High-End capping the FPS at 30 in-game and a resolution of 1440.

I think the extreme load times may have to do with the number of airports, landscapes and planes I’ve purchased.

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Yesterday I deleted the entire Reno Package along with all the airplanes that I also purchased as the part of the Reno Mega Pack, or whatever they call it. Anyways the entire Reno Package was deleted and guess what, The sim still takes over 9 minutes to start.

I stared at the task manager for the entire nine minutes and notice that 85% of the time is spent in data traffic going back and forth between the PC and MS servers.

I suspect that It is some sort of validation it’s doing something with every single content item you have in the store folder and the Community folder.

I believe this could be done in a faster manner by creating a list of the content on the PC or Server side and do all the validating in the PC without the network delay of going back and forth for each item.

I do not believe that the network back and forth is loading your purchased airports, landmarks or airplanes. That content is already on your PC and the sim has no clue what plane or where you will fly.

This network back and forth needs to be address before I purchase anything else. Of and the content number of 545 I mentioned is for grouped items, if i ask for list option more it goes up to about 652 installed and 99 uninstalled with those being the Reno Pack and airplanes.

So as you can see, I have purchase a ton of stuff at the Marketplace most liely in the top 5% of purchasers, and wasted $500 on a new processor and no increase in load times.

Well, not a total waste on the I9-11900 processor. I can really crank graphics up on this new processor, so it a keeper :slight_smile:

I will report this to Microsoft and hopefully they can so something to speed up the load times.

The more we buy the longer our load times. People will stop buying due to the frustration of how long it takes the sim to come up. and like I mention removing store items, deletes them from the drive, but leaves them as uninstalled items and do not improve load time. Taking stuff out of the Community does speed thing up, but i really don’t have much there compared to my Marketplace purchases.

did you try with all the addons uninstalled, i think your loadtimes are really high compared
to others, with such a system.
me on xbox series s , it takes 2.5 minutes, i do not have extra scenery, some airplanes