PC on 4k TV (low black level HDR HGIG...)

Hi everyone
Need help from experts :smiley:
I would like to share some issues between HDR10 enabled from Windows 10 settings and FS2020.
The game seems to be oversatured when HDR10 is ON especially sky… and my other problem is about black level at night…

My TV is a SAMSUNG 4k HDR from 2020 (TU7125 series) : i have to set black level on LOW for a perfect picture especially black contrast on DAY FLIGHTS colors are more deep it’s cool - BUT when i set this black level to “LOW” : fly by night is too dark :frowning:

Otherwise when I set black level to “NORMAL or AUTO (same)” fly by night is OK the picture is more bright BUT blacks are nearly grey :frowning:

There is an option HGIG, if I enable it sky and sun are more bright but sky’s color is too satured too :expressionless:

I don’t know what to do… my nvidia settings on the control panel are set to RGB 8bits Full (not limited)…

My config : 5600x 3080 32gb / My TV Samsung 4k TU7125 (game mode enabled default settings)
What are your suggest ? :slight_smile:

Not sure why you would use 8bit color. That setting should be set by default to use NVidia default settings. 10bit Just saying. SAMSUNG 4k HDR from 2020 (TU7125 series) I looked at this. This TV is UHD, Not HDR. Sorry to be the bad guy with bad news.

That being said, set your default values in the Nvidia control panel and adjust your TV accordingly. Do not use windows HDR.
Look into the possibility of calibrating your color on your screen might help you. Sorry for the bad news.

UHD = Ultra High Definition, screen res
HDR = High Dynamic Range, screen color, measured in NITS

Additional information HDR relevant.
Brightness is relevant to how many >NIT> values your screen is. A value of 1000 nit is as bright as a white sheet of paper in direct sunlight. That’s pretty bright. But most monitors/TV that have HDR 600 OR HDR 800, this will in most cases refer to the screen brightness in NITS. So a screen with 500 nits will have trouble with blacks in HDR where on the other hand a screen with 1000 NITS will have much better blacks. This of course comes with a price increase the higher the NITS are the more money. For example the ACER x35 35 inch, set you back 4 grand in CND dollars. It’s a fine monitor for HDR gaming.


Hi thanks for answer

Here’s my TV it’s mentionned HDR, strange no?

I will share some screens soon but it seems to be a problem with the game because there is no prob with other games on 4khdr.

Specially fs2020 sky even on sdr since update sky is too flashy very clear colors over saturated.

About nvidia i cannot pass to rgb10bits it’s not possible for me, 10bits appears only when I set settings on ycbr422. I do not have hdmi2.1

Well I stand corrected. It does support HDR 10. The TV I was looking at had the same 7125 but no HDR hence my response. Are you using an HDMI cable? Just wondering.

Sorry I couldn’t help you.


Hi thanks for help!

Finally i set on SDR it seems to me more realistic and accurate.

Even on SDR sky is stil too clear when I use cockpit view. Maybe a problem with the gamma or something. I saw this problem since the last update… on HDR problem is more visible.

I take picture of my tv with my phone
External view seems great
Cockpit (same view same place) sky too much clear