PC or XBox and fixes

Now that I have spent time on FS2020 there are a few things in my opinion that need urgent attention.

  1. the developers need to fix the issue where the Logitech/Saitek panels are not recognised at all.
  2. the buttons on the yoke and throttle quadrant are not recognised.
  3. FS 2020 is more geared for an XBOX than a PC. (that is a big issue to myself) Why did Microsoft not
    develop one for the PC and one for the XBox ( it took long enough)
  4. in the external view the aircraft is too low down and should be in a position where it was in FSX or P3D.
  5. Occasionally FS2020 just crashes for no reason. WHY?
  6. Disk in DVD drive. Stupid…not needed in P3D or X-Plane.

At this moment in time P3Dv5 kills FS2020 in every department except the graphics, which is excellent in FS2020 and thats about all. :astonished: