PC Pilot - UK Discovery Tour

For those of you who read the PC Pilot magazine- just a heads up that over the next 4 editions beginning with the current May/June edition, they will be publishing a four part UK Discovery Tour I wrote that zig zags around England, Wales and Scotland to take in the best scenery from World Update 3.

Digital and physical copies of the magazine can be purchased from the Key Aero website, with a .PLN flightplan file downloadable from their website downloads section to allow readers to follow the same GPS routing inside of MSFS.


Ooh. Have reached that bit in the mag yet. Looks good.

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I have downloaded the *.pln file mentioned above but it only contains the route for Leg1. Do you know if they have published similar *.pln files for Legs 2 and 3 ?. I made my own version for Leg2 using Little NavMap and added a detour to overfly my home. For the life of me I cannot find the plans for Legs 2 & 3 on the PC Pilot site. Any ideas please ?

Hi @GB014934, that was meant to be the plan but don’t see the files listed on the Key Publishing website downloads section. I’ve reuploaded them again for you here:

Leg 1 Flight Plan St Just (EGHC) to Shoreham (EGKA).pln (12.4 KB)

Leg 2 Shoreham (EGKA) to Barton (EGCB).pln (13.2 KB)

Leg 3 Barton (EGCB) to Inverness (EGPE).pln (10.8 KB)

Leg 4 Inverness (EGPE) to Out Skerries (EG78).pln (8.7 KB)


Just to say a BIG thank you. Trevor

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For anyone interested, all 4 legs of the UK Discovery Tour have been republished in the PC Pilot Microsoft Flight Simulator Yearbook: Airliner World Magazine - Microsoft Flight Simulator Yearbook 2021 Subscriptions | Pocketmags