Pc Processor!

Hello guys ,

I have one question concerning my New Processor !
I have Upgraded my PC Processor from an i7 - 8700k to i9 - 11900k .
To be honest i have not see any difference in my frames !! They are exactly the same .
I am still using an Nvidia GTX 1080ti at the moment !
I plan to upgrade to an RTX 3080ti ( Or Rtx 3090 tooo expensive at the moment !! ) in the near future .

Is Msfs2020 more Gpu or Cpu depended ?



You would want to turn on Dev mode and see with your current settings if you are GPU limited or Mainthread (CPU) limited.

I would suspect with a 1080ti you were (and still are) GPU limited so the new CPU would not offer much more in terms of performance.

Once you upgrade the GPU, then the new CPU will probably be of help.

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When I went from an i5 8400 to i7 10700k I did not really gain any major performance except my sim ran smoother.
Still on my rtx2060super and it’s holding my entire rig back. I’m always limited by GPU.

The 3080ti is going to give you a solid boost.
In the meantime I’m waiting patiently for 40series midrange cards.

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Thanks for your reply !

Great ,
Thanks for letting me know !