PC review: FlyTampa Humberside EGNJ

Test machine specs: MSI X670E, AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D, AMD Radeon RX 7900XTX, 48gb RAM

If you’d asked me a few weeks ago about the possibility of FlyTampa’s next project being a small UK regional airport, I’d have laughed. Yet here we are, with a stunningly-detailed representation of Humberside, in North Lincolnshire. I bet no one saw THAT coming!


To put it simply, this (in my opinion) sets a new bar for 2024. The texturing across the entire airfield is first-class, and all done in high-resolution. All buildings and structures have the perfect amount of weathering and the landside detail is probably the most intricate I’ve ever seen. Every sign, kerb, advertisement, railing, barrier, bush, traffic cone, tree… even the Belisha beacons flash in a staggered manner, just as they should! There are some good custom static car models, too (including a proper UK police vehicle), plus an animated bus based on a real-world model that serves the airport from neighbouring communities. The bus isn’t quite as well animated as those seen in Pyreegue’s EGNX scenery but it looks great, nonetheless.

We’re treated to a full terminal interior and again, the texturing is a work of art. Animated passengers help give the internals a bit of life.

Airside, the eye-candy continues with some stunning ground textures that include puddles of stagnant, muddy water, which look fantastic. In the original release (v1.0) there were static Eastern Airways Jetstream models but of the wrong type, being J31s rather than the 41s used by the airline. I reached out to the dev and yesterday we got v1.1 which, in FT’s own words, features models “tortured into J41s”. I also noted in the initial version that there were some US-style trucks alongside the more typical European varieties — again I sought clarification from FT and they stated that these American trucks were indeed present at the airport during a site visit. Talk about attention to detail! The latest update also includes fixes to the runway lighting, though being unfamiliar with the place I couldn’t tell you what’s changed.

Outside the perimeter fence there’s more treats for the eyes, with almost the entire road network around the airfield having been custom modelled (complete with roadsigns). To the northwest of the airport, the large chemical plant has been included and features what I think is the coolest smoke/steam effect yet seen in the sim.


Despite the insane level of detail, EGNJ runs beautifully on my system. It’s a very small airport so perhaps to be expected, however that shouldn’t take anything away from what FT have managed to achieve here.


Buy it! No interest in Humberside or this region of the UK? Buy it anyway! It’s worth it just for the bragging rights to what is a strong contender for the most stunningly-detailed airport so far. There’s just nothing to fault! Sure, you can always make the case for more detail but, compared to what we had two years ago, this should exceed all expectations.

It’s a beautifully-modelled scenery with an insane attention to detail. It’s a shame there aren’t more real-world routes for airliner pilots (just a handful of Eastern Airways flights, with their various types, plus KLM to EHAM and seasonal TUI to LEPA) but that of course is no fault of FlyTampa. It’s great to see a dev typically more associated with large world hubs take on a small, intimate little airport in a pretty remote corner of England — makes me wonder what other tricks they might have up their sleeves…


To follow…


Certainly incredible detail from the screenshots I’ve seen. Orbx has a good few on display. I may have to pick this up, although I have the freeware and have to say in all honesty I haven’t ventured in or out of EGNJ yet!

Excellent write up. I bought this on a whim when it came out and it really is as good as you say.

It was an impulse buy precisely because of the pricing from a well regarded dev. Much more expensive and it wouldn’t have even registered on my shopping radar. There was a thread recently about pricing and I think I remember someone (maybe you?) saying pretty much this - attractive prices for quality addons will attract those with no real need/desire to have purchased it otherwise.

Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed your in-depth reviews, much appreciated.

Living close by to airport the detail is staggering!

Great review and absolutely agree with all points.

The only things I’d like to see altered are the buildings on the left of rwy 20. They’re actually barns. There’s also the very distinctive Kirmington Church spire. It’s green copper and really stands out.

Thanks to the Dev for an absolutely stunning product and agree with the the “buy it” comment, great product.

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Yes, some more peripheral eye-candy is always good but I guess you have to draw the line somewhere. There are some freeware Linc. packs available from flightsim.to, by The Secret Studio, which add a few decent POIs to the area. Unfortunately the church you mention isn’t one of them.

Perhaps worth reaching out to FT about the spire? I did exactly that re the incorrect Eastern statics and they’ve now addressed them.

How to I reach them directly?

Thank you

I hit them up on FB via IM, but I suspect their website has a feedback form or email address. I’ll drop them a message now…

Such a shame they didn’t include the church spire

What a tiny airport, but huge on detail! It’s really superbly done. Amazing quality of detailing & textures everywhere inside and out. one of the best I’ve seen so far in the sim in that aspect. Definitely recommended even if you just go have a wander about. So many small details to go look around at. There’s even a cup of frothing black coffee, you can just about smell it. :wink: Lot’s of product placement around which does make it come to life.


Well at least I don’t have to post pics now… :wink:

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen so many beautiful custom assets in an airport scenery before.


Aw gowan, gowan. you can never have too many pics of this airport. :wink: yes. everything looks custom and non low poly. Even the animated people seem a bit higher res than normal. It’s all the wee details like there are electric sockets in the walls, there’s a card machine to pay with there’s a huge a mount of branded items like high energy drinks around, everything very believable. The hand rails in the terminal are smooth and shiny. The cars look like they are from a Forza asset pack :wink: and you could go drive them, the bus arrives etc. They have turned EGNJ into a living thing. The places looks photo real at times. Maybe this approach only works on a small airport like EGNJ, but it’s certainly raised the bar again for airport design. No FPS hit either for me, all very smooth.

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I’m optimistic that this level of detail will become more common for considerably larger airports in FS2024. However I don’t think we’ll see any drastic changes in scenery design for the first 12 months, after which time the devs should have become fully familiar with the new/revised SDK. Normally takes a year or so to get the most out of a new game engine.

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I guess devs need revenue streams too, so if 2024 comes out and all the airports are backwards compatible with MSFS2020 then they will need to have something new to market. V3 airports on the horizon perhaps?

Possibly, but I think it’s more likely they’ll rely (at least initially) on increased sales due to the new sim’s broader appeal. But I think v3s are an eventual inevitability — along with a host of brand new projects as the sim starts to mature.


I almost never buy airports. But this one is going to be one of them!
Looks stunning. Thanks for the detailed review.

It’s out now on the in sim marketplace, which has had an early update compared to usual this week.

It’s been around 2000 for the last few weeks (since around the time the Monday updates started).

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It happened tonight when I was actively looking at the content manager and an update appeared. My Friday mornings will never be the same again.:smile: