PC Shutdown on main screen - Ryzen 7 3700X and MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT

Since the last msfs update i have a serious issue.
When i start the game my PC does a full shutdown when it comes on the main screen. Sometimes i can load in to the map but most of the times it doens’t take more then 30sec to do a full shutdown.

This is the setup I have:
MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT Gaming X
Crucial Ballistix Sport LT BLS2K16G4D32AESB (So 32GB)

The issue started right after the update.
Since the PC does a full shutdown (no warnings) i have done some testing, that the issue isn’t related to hardware failure. But I can’t find anything wrong. All benchmark and GPU tests are succesfull and gives scores comparable to other, simular, systems. I also still play Warzone, Hell let loose and DCS on ultra and high settings.

I have reinstalled the system several times and done some ‘AB testing’ with diferent drivers and config’s. Updates BIOS. turned off all ‘overclocking’ features etc. always the same issue.

MSFS support can’t help, i didn’t had any other answers then ‘try to reinstall’.

Does somebody have an idea ?

Thank you

Unfortunately, you are one of quite a few in the last few days.
I would do a search “In all Topics and Posts” for “CTD on loading”.
There are a lot of posts and ideas there.
Some folks have had some luck, but results do seem to vary

I have been running into the same issue for almost a year.
All benchmarks OK, no issue with any other software. I changed my computer because of that issue to be honest.
Last week, I found a scenario that I could almost always reproduce. I went ahead and changed the power supply which for me could be the only reason of such shutdowns: till then, ZERO issue. Looks like it was the power supply…

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I still do not understand why FS2020 power demand is different from all the benchmarks and software I tried during one year…

sadly it isn’t a CTD for me. It’s a full shutdown of the system.
But i will check in these topics for ideas.

Thx for the input.

Never ever thought of this.
I will check how many overhead I have. And check with a beter one.

That may explain why in some rare cases i can load in to the map and a handfull times can spawn on airfield just before full shutdown …

Thx for your input.

Shutdown is often an indication of hardware especially the PSU and not software.
When I was running this sim in 2020 my PC would regularly shutdown but every other game or sim would run without issues.
I bought a quality Seasonic platinum PSU a bit pricey but completely fixed the issue.
I have tried different brand PSU including a Corsair gold unit and those would still power down when the game ran under full load.

Thx for the advice.

Since it never did something like that on benchmarks and Warzone at epic/ultra settings i never thought of still a HW issue. I will go to the store tonight and go for a 850W PSU instead of a 550W.

Keep you posted.


Good idea. 850w gives you more headroom.Make sure it’s a quality one.

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I have changed my 750w for a 850w and issue was fixed. Maybe 750w would have been enough and it was more related to aging but I went for more and quality. Probably is very high that it is your PSU.

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Check your Event Viewer and verify that you’re not shutting down due to a 0x0000116 video error. I was getting those about four times a week, and when they occurred, my PC shut down. After working with nVidia and ASUS, we found that the card was bad and I got a replacement (fortunately it was under warranty).

I have a very similar system, with a Ryzen 3800x, Sapphire Pulse 5700XT, and crucially, 32 gb of corsair RAM. This same issue for me annoyed me for a few days last May and I stopped playing MSFS for a couple of months because I assumed it was a buggy update, but it was, in hindsight, the first sign of my RAM stick failing. I even tested the sticks with memtest86 while troubleshooting MSFS, but only for 4 hours each, finding no errors, but maybe six weeks later the problem spread to CTD’s and BSOD’s from Chrome, Office, and almost all other apps, usually with “memory management” related codes in the BSODs and event viewer logs. I lost my mind for a little while because I thought I had tested the RAM and that wasn’t it, but after a week of swearing at it I did another memtest, and errors popped up immediately and everywhere. Corsair honored the warranty, and after a lovely month waiting on the boat from Taiwan off of Long Beach I got a replacement set in September. Since then I’ve tested another old faulty RAM stick from a dead old PC (which is bootable, but crashy) and found the same situation replicated for me in MSFS: no other programs had any issues besides a couple weird refreshes in chrome, but MSFS BSOD’d at best, and shut straight down warm at worst. I don’t know what, if anything, about the program makes it particularly sensitive to RAM errors, but it definitely seems that way for me, and a very similar problem was definitely the first sign of my RAM failing in hindsight

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I’d say that’s your problem!
Minimum recommend is 600w, if I remember correctly.

@md7742 @MLTAVIATOR99 @ccrbc

Just installed the 850W PSU. Still same issue. Complete shutdown after loading main screen.

Still thx for the sugestions, it was for sure plausible.

2 sticks memory?

Try one stick only, then start msfs.
Then swap the for other stick and start msfs.

16 gb is enough to run msfs for testing.

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New development with my issue’s.

After an MSI update on 18th januari I tried again. i was able to play the game for almost 6 hours straight. I flew 4 differtent planes accros europe.
beside the caching, I didn’t do any settings or additional downloads.
After the 6h flights I decided to start downloading all WU’s and 2 planes I bought.

And actually as the issue started in the first time. 5-10min. into downloading the WU’s. My PC shutsdown. This is actually the exact same as before.
I didn’t mentioned it the first time because after reinstalling Windows and the game, it still does that.
I was thinking it was not related. But now when it happens the second time… Uhhmmm …

I also checked my RAM. All fine there.
I had some termal issues on CPU. But that’s also fixed. Replaced the thermal paste and temps are good now. (lower then spec)

Kind regards,

How much ram do you have?
What are you using for controllers?

Crucial Ballistix Sport LT BLS2K16G4D32AESB (2x16gb So 32GB)
I’m using an old Microsoft SideWinder. It’s not connected while testing.

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Have you ever used the google maps replacement?

2 things you could test

a) stress test CPU with PRIME95, this will use all memory and cpu ressources
b) try to limit fps for the gpu to reduce stress

When Prime95 crashes you PC you can limit search for cpu/ram
When it no longer crashes when you limit fps, then GPU may be the problem