PC Three screen set up, How I roll with it

Main central screen MSFS, left hand screen, Little NavMap, third right hand screen, media player currently playing ‘The A Team’ 1980s TV series. :wink:

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What’s your FPS? 5? :grin:

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48fps not bad for a machine that’s getting on a bit, like me :slight_smile: Classic media player steals around in SD 3fps.

As long as you’re not spanning the sim across all 3 monitors, having them there will have no impact on the sim’s performance. If you run something demanding on the side monitors, then that may affect the sim’s performance.

I’m currently rocking 5 monitors on my setup. I have no difference in perfomance with or without the extras.

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Three screens is my limit, since being relocated to the ‘box’ room in our house :slight_smile:

In my case, my 3 main monitors are hard-wired with DP and HDMI. The 2 extras are tablets running SpaceDesk, so they’re essentially wireless monitors. It’s a wonderful thing, really. Allows me to run Air Manager windows with touch control for my Knobster.


I would never get all that into my ‘Man Cave’ I turned our biggest bedroom into a studio for my photography and video work, I think I would be pushing my luck to add a bigger extension to our house for MSFS. Very impressive though, how large is your curved screen?

The UW screen is 34" 3440x1440. My side monitor is a 27" 4K. The smaller monitor on top of my yoke is 15.6" touch screen. The tablets are an old 5th gen iPad, and the other tablet is an even older piece of a junk - a 10" Lenovo Android tablet.

I have another (currently unused) monitor I could technically mount on the left side of the main monitor as well. I just don’t have a VESA arm for it atm. lol

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Very posh indeed! Complete immersion factor, I wish I had that sized Garmin and EFI’s in the real Aircraft, how are you finding the Honycomed yoke? Any binding on any of the axis? I’m not a fan of the hard central detents but a smooth bench press is more preferable for simming.

Honeycomb yoke is awesome. There are really no detents in it. It’s smooth travel. Tension does increase as you get to the extremities of travel (due to the bungees stretching), but it’s smooth all the way. No binding or hard detents like the Logi / Saitek.

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Excellent, thanks for the heads up, I’ve heard lots of positive things about the Honeycomb, seems they really understand the simmers needs, on the wish list :slight_smile:

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In your photo, what are you running on the tablet at the bottom right?

It’s also an Air Manager panel. It’s actually a panel I built for use with gns530 equipped planes. It has an audio panel and an autopilot module. When using G1000 planes, I only use the com panel.

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I see you’re running the G1,000,000 PFD there :smiley:

Thats a nice setup - is that all airmanager? I see a mix of monitors and ipads - very nice.

Yes. All air manager. I do have a second 15" monitor on the way.

What is that in the center of the yoke?

I have my XBox controller attached to the yoke using adhesive velcro. I use the analog sticks for free look in the cockpit and for controlling my drone camera.


I see. I’m not that familiar with xbox controller so didn’t recognize it.

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