PC version without SU5 optimizations

Microsoft, please allow a PC version without the SU5 optimizations. Call it Pro, or ESP or whatever and we’ll buy it all over again. Just allow us to fully utilize our hardware as with SU4.

More over, SU4 achieved an exquisite balance between technology and artistry. SU5 is not nearly as refined or polished.

The work has already been done. It already exists your git history. Please let it shine again.


Do you have any add-ons in your Community folder? If yes, please remove and retest before posting.

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Brief description of the issue:
For PCs that were able to run SU4 in full fidelity, scenery quality (LODs, draw distance, density, culling, mountain morphing, clouds, volumetric lighting, etc…) was drastically reduced in SU5.

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:
There are hundreds of screenshots depicting the issues on the forum. SU5 Hotfix1 and Hotfix2 didn’t do much to address the impact of new optimizations.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
Issue is readily visible on High end systems.

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)
i9-10900K 64GB Ram RTX3090 NVME SSD

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:
1.18.xxx → SU5

Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?
Microsoft Store

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?

For reference… MSFS 8 months ago looked like this: Volumetric lighting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: : flightsim (reddit.com)

They’re bringing in a cache solution for the culling and popping and for now you can get your LODs back with a config hack. Both are on the agenda for the next update.

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The next issue is already there. TAA filtering is worse than before! I can’t believe it!

If you say so but I say it was never perfect and I don’t think it’s got any worse. The nice new reflections just make it more obvious.

Yeah,do it for PC players who haven’t been able to use MSFS 2020 since July 26th!

Have you checked out this thread? The new visual regressions will be fully addressed with the upcoming DACH World Update, while the blurry terrain at high altitudes and the missing volumetric lighting were fixed with yesterday’s hotfix.

The morphing was already an issue with Sim Update 4 (and long before).

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Are there regressions with SU5? Yes. Did the dev for consoles affect the PC version? Yes. A big part of the code is now common between consoles and PC. Did it affect the visuals in some ways? Yes.
But Asobo already stated that the PC version will get some fixes (already in the hot fixes + update to come) and improvements over the consoles (extending the option sliders to obtain better lods and visuals, new caching options to use more ram if available to have less poping and stuttering).
Moreover eventually dx12 will come probably with ray tracing support and dlss. You will not be able to have this options on the SU4 code base.
Do you seriously think Asobo will maintain 2 very different code bases (as SU5 was a lot of code rewriting), one being deprecated and cannot evolve, and the other one new and compatible with the future enhancements?
And also you state that SU4 utilized all the hardware. When you see the CPU under usage and limitation of SU4 also leading to GPU under usage and lesser frame rate, I would not say the same. Asobo did a fantastic job optimizing the CPU, that’s for sure.

When a code base heavily changes, regressions are likely to come. Let Asobo solves this and bring the future enhancements, including in VR that’s I’m looking for, and everyone will forget SU4.

I 100% agree with this request. This sim, especially in VR, is in an absolute nightmare condition after Sim Update 5 and all the ‘hotfixes’.

This will never happen.

Nice, I’ll move then the cache to a RAM drive (as well also as my swap file). It’s still not as fast as when the data is in the memory right away (as originally), but still XX times faster than from the SSD. I can’t stop laughing.

for games I’d always recommend this so long as it works properly which is in no way guaranteed

Yes, now that the memory is barely used, I basically have 16 Gb Gddr6 and over 24 Gb DDR4 unused for a lot of Ram drives be available . Before SU05, I could only dream of it.

(could contain traces of sarcasm)

There’s still the commit charge but I can’t imagine why that should be any more that’s being used. However I also have a feeling Asobo’s cache slider solution will prove to be a big hurdle.