Pc, win10, 78X/748: Arm spoiler handle is reversed (bug)

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This bug is related to the 787 and 747 from Asobo. The spoilers arm when the handle is in the unarmed position, and are unarmed in the armed position. The functionality of the spoiler handle is thus reversed.

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Do what I told you.

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not relevant.

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latest build.

That’s a new one!
Which aircraft has this issue?
I don’t see that in any that I’ve flown.

As is indicated in the title and the tags, it is the 787-10 :slight_smile:

Missed that part, duh!
I fly the 787 very often and don’t have any issue.
Moving the lever forward to the armed line the speedbrakes retract, full aft they extend.
To arm them move it full forward past the armed line.
Is this what you are seeing?

Yes, when I put it in the armed position, it is in fact disarmed. When I put it in the stowed position (fully forward) they are instead armed. This is the reverse of the expected behaviour.

I also found out this bug is also on the 748.

FULLY forward is indeed and is supposed to be “armed”.
Stowed (or retracted) is a little to the rear of that, by the white line.
I guess that didn’t come out clearly in my earlier post.

Yeah…reported same on 787 more than a month back … i thought i am the only one that have this bug…it was fine before…cant remember since when this prob comes aboout…i bet its regarded as non critical and prepare to wait long for fix…

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Fully forward is stowed, a little down is the detent to arm them. Same with all Boeings.


(Hard to talk - or type - with foot in mouth).
I’m so used to using these MSFS ones, I had forgotten and didn’t realize it was backwards.
Please hurry PMDG!
Thanks for setting me straight, much appreciated


I just did a flight with the 787 and had the speed break set to armed (a little down) and the spoilers didn’t come up after landing. I was about to ask what I did wrong, but then found this bug report.

BTW, using the heavy division B78XH mod.