Pelicans at NYC

Seeing so many Pelicans flying around Manhattan last night was one of the coolest sights. The Pelican looks incredibly imposing when its gliding long above rooftops. It was resembling the best of every sci-fi movie, as if invading foes were swarming the city, but knowing they were all just human controlled and not AI made it way more realistic.

Then, like bee’s with a hive mind, they (myself included) would swarm around a particular building or join in formation and patrol the Hudson. At a few points after stopping at the Statue of Liberty, then the Empire State building everyone would start to pirouette gracefully around each building. Add in the F/A-18 and F-16’s buzzing around really made it feel as humans were scrambling to keep a lid on these ‘aliens’

Also the huge visibility the Pelican offers along with its ease of use make it the perfect choice for sight seeing and boat spotting @hnielsen791 wonderful ships!


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